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Monday, December 28, 2015 – It Is the Last Week of 2015 – The Third Quarter of College Football Bowl Games

Monday, December 28, 2015 – It Is the Last Week of 2015 – The Third Quarter of College Football Bowl Games

It is the last week of the year 2015. It will be a week filled with more college football games. However, some of these games should be quite good and two of them will be quite exciting – we hope.

One must check last week’s Here’s What I’m Thinking for your handy dandy bowl games, times, teams and station the game will be played prior to New Year’s Eve. A quick review of the only ones I care about are: Bowl Game # 23 on Dec 29 – Baylor; Bear with Foot

Bowl Game # 25 – LSU ; Mike the Tiger and Tortilla Tech Tech (800x600)

Dec 30 Bowl # 28 – The Fighting Texas Aggies – BTHO Louisville.

Corps (800x600)

I did not keep up with the previous college football games played so I only have a couple of awards based on the two games I only saw end.

Bowl # 15 – Miami wins the “We left Miami for this Weather?” Award. The Hyundai Sun Bowl in El Paso was played in blizzard conditions causing the camera people to be unable to find the football. Best part of that game – seeing the winning coach from Washington State, Mike Leach, get slammed by two Gatorade buckets – one of Gatorade; the other of ice in the blizzard.

Bowl # 17 – The New Era Pinstripe Bowl – Indiana, you win The Too High, Not Reviewable, You Got Screwed Award. This is presented when the referees said no good to the potential tying field goal in OT. This allowed Duke to win its first football bowl game since 1961. I told you these teams played basketball.

Fast forward to Thursday, December 31 – New Year’s Eve.

# 30 Chick-fil A Peach Bowl – the University of Houston and Florida State sans starting quarterback, starting at noon on ESPN. I learned years ago from my LSU cousins – Never pull for a team from Florida.

Then at 4:00 – Here we go – This is what we have been waiting for. Invented by Larry Culpepper, it is The College Football Playoffs.

The # 31st Bowl Game is game one of The College Football Playoff Semifinal. The Capital One Orange Bowl finds ranked at # 4 The University of Oklahoma Sooners, representing the Big 12 Conference, versus the # 1 the Clemson Tigers, representing the Atlantic Coast Conference at 4:00 on ESPN. Good luck, Sooners. And good luck to your future quarterback Kyler Murray. Seriously, I do wish him well. He is fast, but he also looks like he is one hit away from a body cast.

Following this game is Bowl Game # 32 and game two of The College Football Playoff Semifinal. At 8:00 PM on ESPN from Arlington, Texas comes The Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. The first land grant school in history, the # 3 ranked Michigan State Spartans will drown as the # 2 Crimson Tide from Alabama rolls over them like a category 5 Gulf Coast hurricane that comes rolling in during the middle of the night. Sorry. Got a bit carried away and lost my objectivity.

Jan 1 – It’s a brand new year. 2016!!! However we are pretty much back to football teams that no one cares about unless you went to school there.

# 33 – The Outback Bowl from Tampa at noon on ESPN2 we find Northwestern and Tennessee. I think I will go have a steak at Outback.

#34 is The Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl between Michigan and Florida – also sans quarterback and sans any cheering for the Gators.

#35 is The BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl. The BattleFrog Fiesta? Shouldn’t TCU be playing in this? This sounds like some kind of amphibian frolicking party in the punch bowl. Anyway it is Notre Dame and The Ohio State University at 1:00 PM on ESPN.

# 36 The Granddaddy of the Bowl Games is the Rose Bowl between the Smarty Pants of Stanford and Iowa at 5:00 on ESPN. I love a parade. Going to Pasadena to the Rose Bowl Parade is a bucket list item.

# 37 – Bowl game # 37 is the bowl game that offers the most fun regardless of who wins. Gniece # 1’s alma mater, the Oklahoma State Cowboys plus Pistol Pete and the Ole Miss Rebels in the Suga Bowl in Nawlins. These teams kick off at 8:30 on ESPN. Go Pokes! I shall have a toddy or two. Pistol Pete

Jan 2 – The further away the games move from New Years, the less anyone cares about the games.

# 38 – The TaxSlayer Bowl between The ugly, yet traditional uniforms of Penn State and The University of Georgia is at noon on ESPN.

# 39 – The AutoZone Liberty Bowl with Kansas State and Arkansas from Memphis at 3:20 on ESPN.

# 40 – The Valero Alamo Bowl finds Oregon and TCU – Ducks and Frogs – playing at 6:45 on ESPN.

# 41 – The Motel 6 Cactus Bowl between West Virginia and Arizona State at 10:15 PM on ESPN. I hope they leave the light on for next year. You were expecting another network?

And then there was one. The college football bowl games are over, except for one. – The fourth and final quarter of the college football season.

On January 11, 2016 The National Champion of Division I College Football will be crowned. The game will kick off at 8:30 on ESPN. I am hoping two team both dressed in shades of red and white making it hard to distinguish the teams.


Schedule courtesy of ESPN and The Associated Press. That means I found it on the Internet.


Thursday, January 8, 2015 – The Birthday of the ELVI

Thursday, January 8, 2015 – The Birthday of the ELVI

Today would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday.  Happy Birthday to one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th Century.

I suppose you are bringing in the firewood, layering up, covering your petunia or hunkering down in frigid anticipation of The Big FREEZE. It is 23 degrees here in the Brazos Valley this morning with more cold and the dreaded precipitation coming this weekend.  Stay warm.

I see where the Oregon football team does not get to practice as much as THE Ohio State football team.  It seems with the new playoff system, the excess of the way too many NCAA rules has created some unforeseen problems.  It has to do with the start of the semester.  When the university is in session, as in the case of Oregon, a team can only practice 20 hours per week or 4 hours per day. However, THE Ohio State is not yet in session so the Buckeyes can do whatever they want.

Don’t you hate it when academics and athletics collide?

On a serious note – today’s “to do” list.

  1. Draw or look at a cartoon today in memory and honor of the French political cartoonists killed in the terrorists attack.
  2. Say prayer (or moment of silence) for peace and
  3. Remember freedom of the press is a cornerstone of democratic nations.

Lent Day Sixteen

Lent Day Sixteen

Thursday, March 20, 2014 – Spring is just moments away. It is 11:47 am. My Final Four for the men’s basketball bracket are: Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wichita State with Florida becoming National Champion. Of course on my sentimental bracket, I have Stephen F. Austin playing Baylor for the National Championship. My Final Four for the women’s basketball bracket are: any four teams NOT from Connecticut, or Fort Bend, Indiana or Louisville. So in the first round games, let’s go Prairie View, and Robert Morris and Idaho. The Prairie View Tigers will eat the Huskies and the Idaho Vandals will vandalize the Louisville Buggers. I know it is the Cardinals, but remember last year? There is a reason Coach Kim Mulkey has to sit out the first round game for Baylor. And the Robert Morris Colonials will beat up on the Irish. Hmm. That sounds rather historical, doesn’t it? The colonists beating the Irish. If you read the comments (and thank you very much) it appears the Iowa Hawkeyes mascot does come from James Fennimore Cooper’s historical novel The Last of the Mohicans. Hawkeye was a frontiersman and a hero in the novel. What was Hawkeye Pierce’s name on M*A*S*H? Spring has sprung. Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce.