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Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – First Yell and Aggies We Will Yell For. (For whom we will yell?)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – First Yell and Aggies We Will Yell For. (For whom we will yell?)

It is the eve of the First Yell. That is meaningful to Texas A&M Aggies. Here is a partial translation for the uninformed others.

Texas A&M Midnight Yell is set for

10 P.M. Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

If the game is early (Thursday) then Midnight Yell is early at 10 P.M.

You read that correctly. The Midnight Yell will be at 10 P.M. I don’t care how much earlier it is, I’m not going. Ms. Navasota and I are still looking for our cowboy boots left somewhere in the mud in 1983 on the way to then called Midnight Yell Practice.

For the Northwestern fans and other uninformed, Midnight Yell is when as many as 30,000 people stand in Kyle Field usually at midnight (and usually drunk) and practice the yells for the coming game.

Here are two of the Texas Aggies we will be yelling for.

Signing my Fan Card at Fan Appreciation Day. Photo by me.

Starting quarterback Kellen Mond.a 6’2’/210 pounds from San Antonio, but high school is IMG Academy in Florida.

Trayveon Williams-a 5’9″/200 pounds; Running Back; from Houston, C.E. King High School.

Me: a 5’8″/not 200 pounds; Running Backwards; from Magnolia, Magnolia High School.

Trayveon Williams signing my Fan Card. Photo by the 15 year old I handed my phone to. To whom I handed my phone????