Tuesday, January 10, 2017 – Tide Out. Birthday Wishes and the 85th Texas Legislature

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 – Tide Out. Tigers In. Birthday Wishes and the 85th Texas Legislature

Here’s to Clemson and Alabama for an outstanding college football National Championship game. Congrats to Dabo and the Tigers.

Happy Birthday to RL. So happy the government decided to convene on the celebration of your birth.

At noon today the 85th Texas Legislature gavels in for 140 days of fun, fellowship and fighting. Here’s to the public servants who will spend long hours funneling spreadsheets of data to their bosses and preparing persuasive speeches in hopes of passing statutes to promote the state of Texas.

Given that the Lt. Governor’s top priority seems to be which potty to use, I would like to offer Dan Patrick some personal data and thoughts.

I am a female and on Friday will turn 68 years young. This means I have peed for 68 years. Granted, I do pee more frequently than in recent years, but who doesn’t?

I have gone to the bathroom at rest stops (Buckee’s, etc.), gas stations, concerts, sporting events, fancy hotels, school campuses, and other public buildings. I have used the bathroom in the state capitol. I have always used the room marked Ladies, Women, Female, or some other gender noted sign. I am quite experienced at this bodily function. Not once have I have encountered a man in the bathroom.

I frequently (like always) wear jeans or shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirts and a baseball cap and from the back am often mistaken for a male. Am I going to need to carry gender papers? My native Texan birth certificate just says “daughter.” Is that close enough for government work? Texas Wall 2 (800x592)

Is this part of the creation of jobs plan? The need for Potty Police? I am experienced with that phase of bathroom patrol too. Please see my standardized test proctoring resume.

Oh Danny Boy! Is this where you want to spend your energy? Why don’t you just bring back pay toilets? Flush it!


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