Monday, January 2, 2017 – Monday Monday Can’t Trust That Day.

Monday, January 2, 2017 – Monday Monday Can’t Trust That Day.

I bet you can’t listen to The Mamas and the Papas without singing along. And you try singing in harmony. Don’t tell me you don’t because I know you do. I try to sing all parts at the same time as loud as Mama Cass could. Let’s turn up the radio so we can sing over it.

It is the first Monday of a brand new year. I am now entering year three of Here’s What I’m Thinking. For new readers I feel we must review.

I write this blog called Here’s What I’m Thinking (HWIT). I took the title from Dr. Pencil Nose. When asked in meetings what he thought, he always said “Here’s what I’m thinking,” with a #2 pencil stuck up his nose.

# 2 Pencils (800x554)

The purpose of HWIT is to make at least one person laugh or think. I am changing this for 2017 to “make many people laugh or think.”

My strategy to encourage readers is this: If I have known you in this past or know you know now, I WILL write about you. You must hope that I write flattering words about you with your name disguised (RL, Dr. Pencil Nose, MENSA DeMarsian, Ms. Navasota, Killer Queen, Homecoming Queens 1 and 2, SPQ etc.) Otherwise I put the coordinates to your house on Facebook with privacy setting to Public.

Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday, I write about whatever I am thinking. I like to think. It involves a fair amount of sitting. See photo of a good place to sit and think – also good for playing cards and dominos and other assorted activities. Furthermore I used to get paid big bucks to so I am experienced in the field of thinking. I even have a flat hat with strings on the side and a nightgown and letters after my name to show for it.Campus tour 7.5.2014 2014-07-05 098 (800x600)

Now I like to think about college football and basketball with a few spring sports thrown in until football season begins. I write about teams I like and teams that play teams I like. This means the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin, the Bearkats of Sam Houston and of course, the Fighting Texas Aggies.Me and Tailgating

Texas Wall 2 (800x592)

Wall in house. Photo by me.

I am a Native Born Texan who has kissed Willie Nelson and have papers to prove it. I write about Texas.

By God I’ll die here with my boots on! More likely it will golf shoes or tennis shoes, but I’m not leaving Texas.

RP slides August 2014 2014-08-24 001 (2) (800x600)

Moon Over Perry. Photo by Terry.

I am a recovering bureaucrat. I write about politics.

You do not have to like it what I write. “I disagree with almost everything you write, but it is so funny the way you say it.” CSE – 1.13 coming soon!

Dragons (800x530)

Austin Grafitti Wall Austin, Texas Photo by me.

Over Ninety-five percent (95%) of HWIT is my work – my thoughts and my photographs. The artsy craftsy readers and the very early morning Facebookers like the strange photos. If I post something that is not my original work, I try to give credit – for example: Borrowed from the Internet.

More often than not, there is a zinger at the end. For example, did you know that I Call Your Name sung by The Mamas and Papas was written by John Lennon? Let’s sing the chorus with a heavy on the Doot. Doot. Doots Doots in backup vocals.

Don’t you know I can’t take it!

I don’t know who can

I’m not gonna makeeee it

I’m not that kind of man

Don’t you know I can’t sleep at night (Hit the high note!)

But just the same

I never weep at night

I call your name! YEAH!!!

You tried to sing harmony with yourself, didn’t you? Told you not to trust this day.

One response to “Monday, January 2, 2017 – Monday Monday Can’t Trust That Day.

  1. Carolyn Sue Edwards

    Damn, I forgot how to comment. I want to say that today, I’m amused, singing, and thinking of how old you are getting DR.

    Liked by 1 person

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