Friday, August 5, 2016 – Snarky Friday and the Texas Aggie Ass’t Coaches

Friday, August 5, 2016 – Snarky Friday and the Texas Aggie Ass’t Coaches

When something bad happens with the Aggies, we call it Bad Bull. Nobody exemplified that better than the two Bad Bull Dumbass football coaches for Texas A&M at the Women’s Chalk Talk Clinic this week. As soon as it hit the news that “the presentation slides were too vulgar to be shown on TV,” we all took to our computers and tablets to see what you said. Where did you get your slide presentation, Baylor? Sorry, that was a low blow to The Bears and certainly not very Christian, but the point is your attitudes and college football’s attitudes toward women.

I realize the Aggies plan a throw-back uniform day to honor the 1957 Heisman Trophy Winner, John David Crow, but that does not include the attitudes from the 1950’s.  In fact, I cannot think of a time period when your words would have been acceptable – perhaps cave man era. You would never give a presentation with such vulgar innuendoes if your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife were in the attendance. I hope that they are as ashamed and embarrassed by your behavior as every other woman is. Even I was offended and it usually takes a lot to offend me.

Of course, Mack Brown, you did not help the situation by saying “I never lost a women’s coaching clinic.” This is probably true, but I was at a women’s football clinic, on THE University of Texas campus when Coach Brown turned white as the proverbial sheet when a women stood and asked “Why did you replace Major Applewhite with Chris Simms as QB?”

Please stop it with the underestimating our football intelligence and listen up and listen up GOOD, coaches. You cannot continue to view and treat women as your fantasy blow up dolls by giving presentations with vulgar, sexual, rude, degrading, and chauvinistic language. You must stop continuing to foster this type of climate on college campuses whether it is football or physics club.

Both of the TAMU presenters are Assistant Coaches. That means somebody supervises them. Where were you, Coach Supervisor? And ultimately it is Head Coach Sumlin’s responsibility. Coach Kevin, you really need to get the boys under control. A two-week suspension without pay should be “suspended indefinitely without pay.”   However, as Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid.”

I hope both of the ass’t coaches learn from this experience and stay in “Assistant Coach Hell” indefinitely.

Sumlin (800x620)

Tailgating 2015 – Alabama Game. Team march in led by Sumlin. Photo by me.

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