Friday, July 15, 2016 – Snarky Friday – Animadversion – The Circus is Coming

Friday, July 15, 2016 – Snarky Friday – Animadversion – The Circus is Coming

Our word for today is animadversion. It is a noun meaning 1. “An unfavorable or censorious comment; to make animadversions on someone’s conduct; 2. The act of criticizing.

Let’s get our red, white and blue hats of animadversion ready for the circus that comes to Cleveland, Ohio on Monday – The Republican National Convention. This one is going to be a doozy and there promises to be many animadversions. The Presumptive Candidate will become The Candidate of the Republican Party unless all Hell breaks loose with delegates, which is still a possibility.

Mr. Trump and the Trump campaign selected Mike Pence from Indiana as his running mate. That makes the ticket Trump-Pence or trumpets. So far, Mr. Pence wins the follicle contest for having the better hair.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christi will be a featured speaker at the Convention. He was probably hoping for Veep, but perhaps now he will secure a Cabinet Post if the Republicans are victorious this fall. Maybe he will get Secretary of Transportation.

Leading the Texas delegation will be Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. LG Patrick will be fresh off embarrassing my state at the Town Hall meeting last evening. Mr. Patrick was the only one who opening criticized the president, offered no solutions and then proceeded to look pouty the remainder of the evening. All of the other speakers asked for solutions and help. Please get well, Governor Abbott – never thought I would say that.

I see the on agenda that Benghazi will be discussed the first night of the convention. I have a few questions. Are we talking about the United States, England or Russia who has tried at Benghazi and failed over the centuries? Will this discussion of the past incidents change anything? Will you disclose how much it costs taxpayers to look backwards?

Political speeches are often (OK –always) boring. Therefore I have come up with some activities to do while watching history. Here are some drinking games to play during the boring speeches.

  1. Count the number of times a speaker dishes President Obama or Hillary Clinton. If the number is five within five minutes, do a tequila shot. If neither name has been uttered within five minutes, do tequila shot anyway.
  2. During camera pans of the audience do tequila shot each time you see a minority. Dr. Ben Carson does not count. Neither does Ted Cruz.
  3. If you live in a recreational state such as Colorado or Alaska, or if you have medical condition (and who doesn’t these days?) spark it up and pretend The Convention is a Made for TV Movie.
  4. Create a Play List for the Republican National Convention. Here. I will get you started – Send in The Clowns.
  5. Design a foreign policy for the Republican Campaign. Locating the state of Indiana does not count.

If all else fails may I suggest a movie? Rent, download or stream – A Day Without a Mexican.

One morning California wakes up to find that one third of its population has disappeared. A thick fog surrounds the State and communication outside its boundaries is completely cut off. As the day goes by we discover that the characteristic that links the 14 million disappearances is their Hispanic background.

Buenos Dias, Ya’ll!

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Photo by me.

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. Photo by me.

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