June 11, 2016 – The Zombie Apocalypse or Brain Free Politicians

June 11, 2016 – The Zombie Apocalypse or Brain Free Politicians

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In case you doubt the zombie apocalypse please know one of the zombies is alive and well and lives in the Texas Lt. Governor’s body. Like many of the others who work under the current dome of doom, his brain has been missing for decades.

In the midst of the tragedy in Dallas, Dan Patrick (DP) told Fox News the protesters were hypocrites for running the opposite direction when shots rang out. I was not raised in the city, so I am not certain the protocol for when people are shooting at you in large urban areas. In the country, however, when someone is shooting at me, unless I am in the military or law enforcement I am hauling my ass the opposite direction.

The Brainless Wonder went on to blame the organization Black Lives Matter for the entire incident. Once again, I am not certain of your raising, DP, but that judgement and blaming thing does not sound too Christian.

As you tried to name the amendments you support – “Second Amendment and Freedom of Speech,” you seemed to have forgotten Freedom of Speech is not an amendment. It is one of the unalienable rights listed in the First Amendment. The First Amemendent also includes the Right to Peaceful Assembly. The First amendment also addresses freedom of Religion, Press and Petition. Oh that is correct; you zombie politicians on quote the amendents you like.

Brainless Wonder would go to say on KSKY660 AM radio that he questioned Dallas Police Chief’s decision regarding uniforms for his department. DP suggested short sleeve shirts and less body armor to appear less menacing.

In a morning radio call to KSKY/660 AM host Mark Davis, Patrick even questioned Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s choice for officers to wear their more friendly summer shirtsleeves instead of menacing body armor. http://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/bud-kennedy/article88612122.html

DP? Do you not have anything better to do that to tell people where to go to the bathroom and how to dress for work?

God Bless Texas and Dallas and keep your voter registration card current.

AXO wkend 2013 2013-10-06 001

Road side sign – Hearne Texas – 2014. Photo by me.

3 responses to “June 11, 2016 – The Zombie Apocalypse or Brain Free Politicians

  1. Janne Swearengen

    We seem to have the same governor.

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  2. principaljudy@gmail.com

    THANK YOU!!! DP stands for dumb prick…right?

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  3. Yes, that is exactly what it stands for. One could say TPDP – Tea Party Dumb Prick.


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