Thursday, January 1, 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, January 1, 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Did I not tell you that the Crimson Tide of Alabama would roll over the Michigan State Spartans like a Category 5 Gulf Coast hurricane blowing in during the night? I believe this hurricane was named Jacob. That is what you call a “storm surge.” One more game and Roll Tide. SEC! SEC! SEC! Then we can all go to the Wal-marts in Alabama to see the National Championship Trophy. I hope Larry Culpepper is there selling ice cold Dr. Pepper.

As for the Big 12 Conference – the good news was that a Big 12 team made the national playoff. The bad news was that the team was not from the state of Texas. Even worse news for some is that the school and team named Texas was not in any kind of playoff. And even worse than all of that, Oklahoma (OU) lost to Clemson.

However, it is a new year. Official high school signing day is slightly over than four weeks away. If you can run and throw a football, please call the Texas A&M Athletic Department. They are interested. If you can coordinate an offensive unit, please send your resume Attn: Texas A&M Football Program. If you are a realtor, the Sumlins would like to speak with you about future possibilities.

The Fedora brothers might just want to sign the entire Navasota Rattlers high team to the University of North Carolina. Bet you did not know the coaches for the two mentioned team are brothers, did you? I am so informative.

I hope today begins a wonderful and prosperous new year for you, your family and all the people you love.

Butterfly  (800x600)

Photo by me. The butterfly symbolizes transition.

Remember the goal of Here’s What I’m Thinking is to make at least one person smile, laugh and/or think every day. Thank you for reading, liking, and commenting.


And BTHO UCLA – Texas A&M opening game 2016!


7 responses to “Thursday, January 1, 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Well, the TCU quarterback has stepped on his gonads for sure. Wonder if he will learn something or just be bitter. How stupid of him to rooster off like that. What did he prove other than he is NOT a leader. In any event…SEC!!

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  2. That he did. Got a HWIT post brewing in the old brain. SEC!


  3. I agree, lit sister other than today is FRIDAY, January 1, 2016.

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  4. I know. I had only had one cup of coffee.


  5. Dear Madam Rose………
    Now that most bowl games are behind us…….until 1/11 that is……
    here are a series of bowl related puzzlers to ponder while waiting for the Ags to select a QB and/or OC.

    A Div 1 bowl team is blessed with a kangaroo for a head coach. Can you name the coach & team ?

    A different Div1 bowl team’s head coach has kangaroos on his résumé…… well as the Hall of Fame.
    Can you name the coach?

    Yet another Div 1 bowl team, in a record tying victory, utilized a QB who is a member of a kangaroo family. Can you name the team & QB ?

    Hint….think Old Main.

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  6. Do we get an answer?

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  7. I do not know the answers. I am still researching, because I like a puzzle, but I might just have to ask Reggie.


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