Wednesday, December 30, 2-15 – An Attack of Bureaucracy, Bears and Tigers and On My T-Shirt Soapbox

Wednesday, December 30, 2-15 – An Attack of Bureaucracy, Bears and Tigers and On My T-Shirt Soapbox

But first – Who needs a quarterback when you can just run the football? Congratulations to Baylor and their record setting college football bowl game for most rushing yards. Run, Johnny, Run. Speaking of running and rushing, how about that Leonard Fournette? Geaux Tigers!

Texas Tech, the red shoes were working for you. They looked good on TV. Too bad you could not click your red shoes together three times and say “There’s no place like Lubbock.” You still have one of the best looking coaches and next year you will have a defense. Meanwhile, tie that quarterback down. He is a good one.

As I said, I had an attack of bureaucracy the other day when reading a Facebook post and decided to make up some rules to alleviate the attack.

The great, Kris Kristofferson sings the theme song of all bureaucracies “When you waste your time a talking to the people who don’t listen, who do you think’s gonna care?” Nevertheless, like all recovering bureaucrats, I am still going to respond. I told you I had an attack of bureaucracy, but I did not call together a committee or focus group. It is just my brain, as usual.

The individual’s post was the person’s reflection on college student athletes and their inability to articulate during an interview. The individual went on to say “perhaps the athletes should be required to take an English course to learn to speak.” I just happen to know the individual is a T-shirt wearer only and never attended college.

Here’s What I’m Thinking – There is a distinct difference between the individual who only wears the T-shirt of their favorite college or university and one who attended and earned it. We see the sacrifices from the inside not the outside. Unless one actually put in the sacrifices necessary to earn that T-shirt, one has a completely different perspective. This includes spouses’ and parents’ sacrifices so their husbands, wives, children and grandchildren could attend college and earn that T-shirt. An even better proof of sacrifice is the sheepskin with the funny looking letters written on it for the Baccalaurean Degrees (or other designated degrees) Sidebar: when is the last time you used “Baccalaurean” in a sentence? See what going to college can do?

Here are some thing for you to think about, FB Poster, before you criticize a student athlete and their skill sets.

Rule 1 – NEVER criticize the student-athlete. This is a young person who is performing in a classroom setting that just happens to have millions of people watching.

Rule 2 – Do not make judgements based on a single interview of an individual player.

Rule 3 – Be in the moment. Think back to when you were 18-to 21 years old. How articulate were you when a national reporter shoved a microphone in your face? Especially after the adrenaline rush of a football game you have just played. One just might be a paleontology major with a 3.0+ GPA who really does not like to speak in public.

Rule 4 – Ensure you have the correct course of study. Student athletes are required to take public speaking courses. Not English courses. They are not going to write a book or a poem or diagram a sentence. They not only take courses in public speaking, they are required to take seminars in professional dress and professional dining etiquette. This is not to mention job interviewing skills.

Rule 5 – One may criticize and/or critique the coaching staff, the refereeing squad and the so-called “professional” commentators. Most of these people should be criticized, critiqued and even fired for their lack of speaking skills and use of proper grammar and their inability to articulate. They are paid to be “professional.” The student athlete is not. He or she is just trying to do what they love and be the best at it.

I am so glad FB Poster loves college football and supports their team, but please think about this – the players may be 10 feet tall, weigh 400 pounds, or can out run the wind, but inside they are still kids.

Now, I am going to put on my T-Shirt for tonight’s Music City Bowl. Gig ‘Em, Aggies!

BTHO Louisville

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