Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Back to the Future with a Gun in my Classroom

Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Back to the Future with a Gun in my Classroom

A reminder: The purpose of Here’s What I’m Thinking is to make you smile and/or think.

You know the rules: If I know you or have known you in the past I will write about you.

Today’s post is for all of us from J. L. McCullough High School from 1976-1980 and for every person that has ever been involved with the administration of a school building.

Think back to the hallowed plaid halls of J.L. McCullough High School. Go get your Claymores and open to the faculty/staff section. Now picture any of those teachers/staff being armed with a gun.

HWIT – Rickie Tickie Tavy Baker would have shot herself in the foot putting her gun in the closet.

Dr.Sellers, you probably would have done the same thing. Good thing you became a real doctor.

Little Betty Sunshine would probably have fired her weapon just because. I’m sure it was German made.

Andrew could have shot Jamie (RIP) instead of stapling him to his desk. Andrew didn’t know the stapler was loaded.

I wonder how this incident would go down today

L. Salmons (RIP) shows up at my door across the hall. “Mr. Hayter is in the boys’ bathroom getting M. Brown’s grade book out of the toilet. I need you or Ms. P. to go to the girls’ bathroom and get his toupee out of the toilet.” Me: Where is Mr. Brown? Larry: I don’t know. One of his students came and got me.”

I am trying to picture what kind of weapon Ms. Rothrock would carry. Something cool like she is, I’m sure. I am having difficulty imaging what Mrs. Pressler (RIP) would carry. Hopefully only a small derringer.

I can picture Jesse Harwell (RIP) packing and being cool like the Roy Rogers look alike that he was. Karl Satorie – so sorry, cannot get passed the lime green leisure suit and white patent leather shoes, but the outfit was popular at the time.

I am certain there were days when Trina R. (RIP) and I could shot more than evil eyes at each other. Sidebar: As opposite as Trina and I were, I think I was a better educator because of her.

And an all-time favorite. How did you and Ms. P meet? Me: Mark S. was put into my class because he threatened to kill her so I went to see who she was. (Sidebar: recent update – Mark is a fine, responsible, upstanding citizen. It was Ms. P who actually saw him.)

What if an individual was accidently shot? The lawsuits could bankrupt not only the teacher’s family; they could bankrupt a small to medium size school district.

Education. Guns. This is a complex social problem that will require complex social solutions on the part of all of the social institutions. Arming faculty and staff in the K-12 environment is not one of them.

As educators we are prepared to teach your children to learn and to be responsible, upstanding citizens. We are not prepared to induce additional stress on them or on ourselves.

Here’s what I’m thinking. I WILL NEVER CARRY A GUN INTO CLASSROOM! And I don’t think any educator should either.


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