Friday, October 27, 2017 – Snarky Friday – Go Astros!

Friday, October 27, 2017 – Snarky Friday – Go Astros!

It is time for Snarky Friday as we prepare for Saturday college football. Saturday football begins with those teams chosen by ESPN Family, the SECN and ABC for the following games at 11:00.

Arkansas and Ole Miss fight a fierce battle for DAL (Dead Ass Last) Place in the SEC West. I will have a side of bacon with my Hotty Toddy God Aw Mighty… See this coaching seat heat up for Bret Bielema on SECN.

Oklahoma State and West Virginia. Dear Pistol Pete, Please win so the Mountaineers will not set fire to couches as is their tradition when they win. And please no comments on Gundy’s Mullet. Watch this on ABC.

But the best morning game coming to you live from beautiful McLane Stadium, just North on I-35 in Waco, Texas, we find the eager Texas Longhorns and the Baylor Bears on ESPNU. I hope the Texas team left today. You know how traffic is on I-35. Sic ‘Em Bears! If you can only win one game this season, pray for a miracle upon the Brazos that it is this one.

The 2:30 programming window brings in the Fox and CBS networks and gives us more games.

Assuming West Virginia has not set fire to Morgan Town and ABC does not have to cover the town burning down, Iowa State and TCU kick off on ABC. You just never know about Iowa State. Go Frogs.

Penn State and Ohio State on Fox – This is the Impress the Soon to Meet Voting Committee Game. I feel confident Penn State will not win best uniform award. Be prepared for booth mouths to discuss “What is a Nittany Lion?”

Georgia and Florida on CBS – Is this Biggest Cocktail Party? Or is the Biggest Cocktail Party now the entire SEC conference?

On ABC at 7:00 in the I Really Do not Care Game we find Oklahoma and Tortilla Tech. Too bad the game is not in Lubbock. I feel certain Baker would love to plant the OU flag on the 50 yard line for this one.

And then it is Saturday Night! Where are my salts? I feel certain I will more than the usual weekend Dilly Dilly to get through the night with these two events.

The Astros will be playing Game Four of the World Series hopefully with a 2-1 lead over the Dodgers.

On ESPN at 6:15 it will be maroons against maroons when the Bulldogs of Mississippi State and Texas A&M kick off in Kyle Field. I hope Bully and the team have a good time while visiting, but not as good as the last time you were here. Note to John Chavis: In case you forgot, Nicki Fitz can run. Remember: Aggies are wearing jerseys with glow in the dark markings (marketings?). See you at Yell Practice. It is midnight somewhere.

Let us close with a sports’ prayer.

Please Lord, do not let anybody get hurt.

Please do not let Mack Brown announce anything or be near a microphone.

Please do not let Pam – aka That Screechy Woman- announces the Texas A&M versus Mississippi State game or any other game I am watching.

Please give Joe Buck a bad case of Houston allergies and the inability to speak for at least a week.

Please remind all of the Booth Mouths they are to call the football game, not to second guess the referees, the coaches, the band, the doctors, the fans, the hot dogs, the mascots, the traditions or anything else that comes out of their mouths that displays their lack of doing their homework and their overall ignorance.

Let them know that it is obvious between those who actually played the game and those who took broadcasting classes with football as book learning only.

Please silence them when they begin a sentence with “When I played/coached…”

Please do not allow this referring crew in Kyle Field.

And last, Lord, BTHO Mississippi State. Amen.

Go Astros.

12th Man Statue. Photo by me.

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