Thursday, February 9, 2017 – My Tardy Excuse

Thursday, February 9, 2017 – My Tardy Excuse

Dear Mrs. DeVos, (Do you have a title other than Mrs.? Something like Dr.?)

# 2 Pencils (800x554)

Please excuse me for being tardy in my response to your tie breaking Senate confirmation vote naming you as Secretary of Education. I was nauseated and unable to respond.

My concerns over your appointment range from grizzly bears in Wyoming to “wanting to spread God’s kingdom in public schools.” Whose God are we talking about here?

Spreading God’s kingdom is for the socially defined institutions known as FAMILY and RELIGOUS. It is the responsibility of those institutions to deliver spiritual education. It does not work like AmWay.

There is a separate, different and unique social institution that deals exclusively with EDUCATION. That is why it is called the Educational Institution.

Individuals who attended an educational institution somehow feel this qualifies them to run, administer, create and impose their belief structure and value system on schools – including colleges and universities. Why is this?

I do wish you well because now seems to be the perfect time because my friend, Dr. Policy Wonk and myself, Dr. Educational Planning and Research would like to open our own charter school. We have named it after you – The Betsy DeVos Charter School, Car Wash, Beauty Salon and Bait Store.

One last note to try to help. You do know public school teachers purchase their own supplies and materials? Here is a sharp # 2 pencil. Don’t make me tell you where I think you should put it.



Proud Graduate of a Public School; Proud graduate of three state funded universities and proud teacher in public schools.

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  1. A most excellent post!


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