Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – Golf, Politics and Football

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – Golf, Politics and Football

The Briarcrest Women’s Golf Association begins play today in The President’s Cup Tournament. For the next three Wednesday’s we play 18 holes and turn in our two best score cards.

Speaking of score cards… It appears Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the finalists for rest of the campaign circus. I saw where one could get a “Woman Card” from the Hillary campaign. Am I going to need this to go to a public bathroom? Say for example – when I am tailgating at Kyle Field?

Four months from today, Texas Aggies across the world will be reading of the Aggie football team’s victory over UCLA. Football season is three months and 29 days away from kickoff. The 2016 SEC Championship Game is predicted to be between LSU and Tennessee. Tennessee? Rocky Top and the Tigers?

The Texas Aggies have a 100 to 1 chance of winning the National Football Championship. Why are you laughing – THE University of Texas at Austin? They are the same odds you have of raising the National Championship trophy in Austin. Both schools should be crying – those are the same odds of The University of Houston winning the championship.

Me and Tailgating

Tailgating @ Kyle Field – 2015 When Alabama came to town.

Gig’Em! We do have a Knight in shining maroon armor. I hope I have a golf club that shines today. Please let it be the putter.

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