Tuesday, December 1, 2015 – If You Are New to Here’s What I’m Thinking

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 – If You Are New to Here’s What I’m Thinking

Buddy Glasses

Buddy T. Cat (the T stand for The) Miss you, Buddy.

I am happy to have had FB Friendship requested accepted by another large grouping of friends from the past.

For the past year I have kept a daily blog. When I linked it to Facebook March1, 2015, followers went from 30 to now over 200.

Name: Here’s What I’m Thinking

Goal: Make at least one person smile/laugh or think about something every day.

Content: Whatever I am thinking; lots of Aggie and college football, the public education institution, Texas, family history and some politics thrown in every now and then to piss off people. One never knows what I am thinking. I have followers from Texas Secessionists to California liberals and even a few world-wide readers. I try to write a little something for everyone.

Access: To access the site, Google Drdrd85.me or if you like using Facebook, Friend me at Delia Duffey. FB then connects to HWIT.

Business/Mission Statement: If I know you now or have known you, I WILL write about you. Within a standard deviation either side of a bell shaped curve what I write about you will be positive. Are you willing to chance you are an outlier and get a negative posting?

Posting Frequency: Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday if I feel like it or something happens.

Posting Note: Ninety-percent of what I post is my original work. This includes thoughts and photographs. All FB posts are set as public – that includes your comments. So be careful.

Facebook Photo Albums: I post many photos to Facebook albums because I am pretty certain no one reads anything anymore. However, people seem to like the photos.

Mentions: Some of you know you who are and others have yet to find themselves. There is RL, BFF Troglodyte, Miss Navasota, MHS HC (Magnolia High School Homecoming Queen), The Elf, and Lots of Sweet Potato Queen mentions. You may find yourself reading a DeMarsion (so named for a former and favorite student) entry written for those with MENSA certificates. If you happen to be one of those negative outliers, I post your phone number, email and home addresses with a MapQuest link to your house.

There is a significant amount of content that is autobiographical. At this time I am still writing about growing up in Magnolia, Texas, going to college at Stephen F. Austin State University and teaching in The Woodlands. I have yet to reach TCEA and Emergency Room visits memories. So some of you can relax for the moment.

But never fear – If you have not yet found your name or reference to yourself in Here’s what I’m Thinking, anybody remember that book I started decades ago? I finished it and it is with an editor. If I visited your Education Service Center, there is a distinct probably your name is somewhere in the book. For example: A major character is the Revered Virgil Renfro from North Zulch and his congregation attending the State Board of Texas textbook hearings.

So welcome to Here’s What I’m Thinking. I look forward to your comments on FB or leave a comment on Here are What I’m Thinking. I look forward to your videos of dogs, cats, horses, grandchildren, your vacation photos, recipes and crafts projects and we all love Jesus postings, plus all the other outstanding uses for Facebook.


BugHappy Tuesday.

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