Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Who Are My College Football Teams and Why

Billy Cannon 8.10.2014 2014-08-10 005 (600x800)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Who Are My College Football Teams and Why

Billy Cannon 8.10.2014 2014-08-10 004 - Copy (600x800)Billy Cannon 8.10.2014 2014-08-10 005 (600x800)

It did not begin with The Aggies. Until I was about ten years old I thought that that one graduated from high school and then went to LSU.

This is because my first football hero who actually got the beautiful girl too is my cousin, Donnie Daye  and his beautiful bride Penny. How many years? 50 at least and you two still look like you could throw the block for Billy Cannon against Ole Miss at Halloween and lead the Tiger Band on the field.

Donnie and Penny (800x677)

This is Donnie with some of the memorabilia. Donnie was #33 in 1958. When he moved to fullback and started with the White Team, he was #44. His junior year 1959, he led the team in tackles.

Donnie with flag (800x598)

Donnie with the 50th Anniversary flag.

I have since added the following teams to My Favorites for these reasons:

Oklahoma State University Great niece # 1 and Niece # 1 – Go Pokes

The ONLY orange color I will wear and it was Halloween.

OSU 1 - Copy (800x550)

Great niece # 1 and Niece # 1 – Go Pokes

OSU 1 (800x522)

If you do not know who this is and/or where we are, then you don’t know Oklahoma State football.

Then the Good Old Baylor Line with Courtney – The Longhorn

Baylor - BU UT 2013 - Buckalew Grkids (800x600)

The Cousins in 2013 @ the last game in Floyd Casey Stadium.

Baylor Cousins (800x588)

The Cousins today – Left to Right – Junior @ Baylor, Begins U of H Law School, next in The Good Old Baylor Line to graduate, begins Masters degree @ Baylor, Gainfully Employed, and The Longhorn. Pic by Blair

Texas Flag @ Sunset (800x600)

Courtney – I wanted you to have a picture too. It was taken from Darryl K Royal Memorial Stadium. It is hard to be around them now that BU is #3, isn’t it? Hook ‘Em!

But it was The Fighting Texas Aggies who made the offer.

Fighting Texas Aggie Band

From The University of Texas – Welcome – pay here.

From Texas A&M – Howdy. Here is a loan from the Class of 1933, a teaching assistantship, then a research assistantship and a funded dissertation.

The 12th Man – not just about standing at the football games.

And last and of course, least – Texas Tech. See what happens when one doesn’t read Here’s What I’m Thinking, Little Sister.

Tech (800x600)



6 responses to “Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Who Are My College Football Teams and Why

  1. Well, it’s that time of year again–Football. Brings back memories of Magnolia HS and Coach Swan. If you don’t have a copy, I’ll have to send you some articles I wrote several years ago about that experience.

    Didn’t know Donnie Daye was your cousin. I played/suited out for the Rice/LSU game in 1958. We played at Rice Stadium–both Rice & LSU were ranked, First time I heard the chant “Tiger Bait” was on the field warming up. It was a close game but LSU won.

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    • It was at an LSU/Rice game in Rice Stadium that I first heard LSU cheer
      “What comes out of a Chinaman’s ass? Rice. Rice. Rice.” Mama kept saying “stop listening! stop listening!”


  2. Well, I see my Raiders made the list- kinda, sorta! Nice! I will attend a game with you one day before we turn 90 in Lubbock. We will listen to major country music on the way in a convertible with the sun burning our eyeballs out. In the back seat we will have several packages of tortillas made ready to throw after touchdowns! I know after that I can convert you to a true loyal Red Raider! Awesome!!! Do you know how much I love the edible artwork? What a delicious breakfast you ate in honor of TT. You are the best Big Sis! I mean that!!!!

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  3. Hey Delia, I have to say that reading about your cousin playing for LSU reminded me of when my family was driving from Birmingham to Shrreveport(where my grnandparents lived) at night listening to LSU playing Mississippi. I remember hearing about Billy Canon and the defense ,The Chinese Bandits and my Dad saying that LSU was the best football team in the south in the last 20 years!! Being that I was born in Louisiana I like you thought as a kid that I to was suppose to go to LSU but as I grew up in Alabama as well you learned Things change!! roll Tide!!!


    • Thanks you, John. More stories to come on The Chinese Bandits. And maybe even some stories about a coach named Bear Bryant. Wonder what happened to him after he left Texas A&M?


  4. ROFL – Well, Tech did come in ahead of OU. And I always cheer for Tech when they play Kansas, and Kansas State and Iowa State and WVa.


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