Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – LOAD, READY, AIM, FIRE, RELOAD! A&M Give Us Room!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – LOAD, READY, AIM, FIRE, RELOAD! A&M Give Us Room!

Today’s post is definitely coming from the random/access side of the brain. I think that is the left side. You can skip to the bottom line if pressed for time.

So many wonderful comments regarding Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts. And most about Cousin Donnie. Yep, that is what a national championship will do for you. The fame extends way beyond your circle.

There were Comments, Likes, related stories told, a sent YouTube video, a share on FB and a bunch (John Wax math term) of readers. All of this, of course, after I realized my Facebook settings had to be reset – once again. But more to come about The Chinese Bandits, LSU, Alabama, The Texas Aggies and all the rest as the tent revival of the Autumnal Religion of The South begins – College Football!

Of course none of the people pictured in HWIT (aka – Family) have commented. I am going to blame it momentarily on the FB settings and perhaps incorrect tags on my part.

Please know Baylor and Oklahoma State graduates that I know prominent people in Waco and Oklahoma and I can get your parents’ money refunded for your degrees if you do not start reading HWIT. – Especially when I write about you!

Which brings me to today – It is a rehash of the July 27 post with some reminders and more info you need to know since college football kickoffs are days away and more people are following.

Blog Name: Here’s What’ I’m Thinking (HWIT)

What is HWIT about? Whatever I am thinking. But it usually centers on college football, some other sports, the Texas Aggies, the educational institution, Texas, life in general and with some politics thrown in to piss off people.

Daily Goal: Write something Monday through Friday that will make at least one person smile (hopefully laugh) and/or think.

Access: You do not have to access Facebook to read HWIT. One can enter the following into their search engine – That is the site of Here’s What I’m Thinking. The site then connects to Facebook and Twitter.

Settings: My settings on Facebook are Public. This is intentional. I want people to read Here’s What I’m Thinking. So your Likes/Comments on FB are public too.

Comments: This is where it gets tricky. One is able to leave a Like/Comment on Facebook and one is able to leave a Like/Comment on the site of Here’s What I’m Thinking. However, what is Liked/Commented on FB is NOT shared with Likes/Comments on HWIT and vice versa. Are you still with me?

Reteach – HWIT connects to Facebook. Facebook does NOT connect to HWIT. This creates two sets of comments. I know all the techno nerds know what that means.

Still not there?

Barbara leaves one of her wonderful Likes/Comments on Facebook. Dale leaves one of her wonderful Likes/Comments on HWIT, Barbara does not see Dale’s comment, but she can if she chooses to go to the site. But Dale does not see Barbara’s comment because Dale is not on FB. This is unfortunate because there are funny comments on FB and HWIT. Never mind, just leave comments.


Blue bell


One response to “Wednesday, August 12, 2015 – LOAD, READY, AIM, FIRE, RELOAD! A&M Give Us Room!

  1. Hurray for Blue Bell!!!! And football soon. Yea!!!
    We do have a “famous” cousin. So many folks remember THAT game and then It’s “Wow…Donnie Daye is your cousin.

    Liked by 1 person

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