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March 24, 2016 – Holy Week and I Think Jesus Would Have Played Sports


March 24, 2016 – Holy Week and I Think Jesus Would Have Played Sports

I think Jesus probably would have played sports. Of course the only sport of the day was having the Christians eaten by lions and other forms of torture and He was not into that until the end. Thank God. He did seem to enjoy fishing.

I think He would have played soccer, baseball and golf and all other sports. Why those three? Not only are those thinking sports, they are sports known for their diplomacy and etiquette and breaking social and political norms and rules across all geopolitical barriers.

He was good at basketball too – of course He could play all five positions, but is best at point guard. He already had a team – The Disciples.

Of course He would have played football. In Texas football is a religion. I think He would be #1 high school QB, then #1 college QB, and then first round draft choice, and then #1 in the NFL.

But back to Holy Week. For all of us whose religious beliefs go back to The Kneeling Faiths, it is Maundy Thursday. Thus begins The Easter Vigils when Christians celebrate The Last Supper, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

So tonight begins my Easter Vigil. Of course there will be wine and candles and prayers offered. My Easter Vigil begins at 6:37 CST and not one minute SOONER!


The XIT Wagon (800x600)

Isn’t this a Sooner Schooner?

So here’s to Jesus and The Disciples and The Fighting Texas Aggies Men’s basketball team. Both are great at come backs!

A. Caruso (800x450)

He is so cute!!!