Wednesday, October 10, 2018 – This Little Light of Mine

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 – This Little Light of Mine

You know I am not handy with anything other than a pencil. But I bought this solar decoration to light the street number of my house. I live in a 55 and older community and I figured this would help the ambulance drivers and first responders find you. Since all of the houses look alike, I can find mine quickly. Hopefully others can too.

The solar light required some assembly.

I did ok on the first three steps.

Step 1: Apply your custom address numbers to the front of the plaque.

Step 2: Install the Green Solar Rechargeable Batteries that are included inside the box, and the reinstall the battery compartment door.

Step 3: Remove the clear plastic film from the solar panel.

It was Step 4 where I got lost.

Step 4 – Pre-Dig a hole deep enough insert the plastic ground stake. Exactly how does one pre – dig a hole?

This must have been something taught in shop class that I did not get to take in school. I tried to pre-dig a hole, but each time I pre –dug it became a hole. Perhaps if the instructions had said “Dig a hole.” I would not be so confused.

If you know to pre-dig a hole, please post the instructions.

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