Tuesday, October 09, 2018 – Party Goats – Rent a Goat

Tuesday, October 09, 2018 – Party Goats – Rent a Goat

Sing along and follow the bouncing animal – Come along and be my party goat; come along and be my party goat.

It is time for another public service announcement. I know I am approaching a big birthday in January and I know that many of you will also have that big birthday soon if you have not already. It is the one that beings with “Three score and ten years ago, on this day I am born” Therefore as you search for party themes and activities here is one I bet you have not thought of. I wanted to make you aware. You are welcome.

Did you see that in LA, you can rent two dwarf Nigerian party goats, named Spanky and Pippin for $99 dollars and hour?

Now who wouldn’t want a goat dressed in a pointed party hat with colorfully wrapped horns and dressed in purple velvet outfits (like Prince) at your party? In addition goats will climb on your back while you are on all fours for an Instagram moment to share. I wonder if there is photo booth with wifi.

In my family there is a family member who has a birthday in each month from October to March. Then there are Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Of course, we have the Astros to celebrate. There are many opportunities to have a party.

I am confident, however, that my family could secure cute party goats for significantly less than $99 per hour. I am confident that almost every member of my family knows somebody who owns goats. These people would not charge money to party with their goats as long as the goats were returned and not barbequed.

According to the article party revelers get on all fours and the goat climbs on your back. Getting on all fours and having a goat climb on your back sounds like something done in East Montgomery or Trinity County while the idiot savant plays the banjo. Not to mention there is an animal with hooves doing the samba on your back. How many tequila shots does that require?

The family does like to play games at Christmas. HWIT – Borrow a couple of goats or BYOG – Bring Your Own Goat. I’m thinking we could dress them up in battery powered festive lights with glow in the dark accessories and have goat races in the subdivision. When the police arrive and make us go inside with the goats, we get on all fours and let the goat get on our back and the people race. I can hardly wait for the goats to eat the Christmas tree.

Oh I forgot Halloween – Dressed up Goats for Trick or Treating? Who’s with me?


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