Thursday, March 16, 2016 – The Importance of the Letter “R.” Proof It.

Thursday, March 16, 2016 – The Importance of the Letter “R.” Proof It

Good Morning, Children,

Good Morning, Sister Elephant!

Our lesson today is The Importance of the Letter “R.” Are there any questions before we begin? Yes, you.

I saw on Facebook last night that there is a retired lady with the same name as yours was before you came to the nunnery. Did you know that Sister Mary Elephant?

Why, yes I did, Julio. However, had you read more closely you would have noticed immediately that this same named individual misspelled the word “retired.” She spelled it “retiered.” Given her previous listed occupation that could be what she was going for, since I understand one must re tier themselves frequently in that line of work.

Second the term Vegas is also misspelled. It not VAGAS. Perhaps she left out the letter “I between the “A” and “G” and the “Letter R.”

This brings us to her last misspelled word and the importance of the Letter “R.”

If you look again, she is a STIPPER, but all us initially read “STRIPPER” which I tend to believe is correct. So let us see just how important the Letter “R” is.

Let us remember our dear departed Father Proof Reader with this story.

Father Proof Reader loved to study the old documents of The Church. He was always hoping to find meaning that would make the world a better place for others.

He often wondered about translations of languages and copies of ancient documents in calligraphied hands of those who dedicated their lives to teaching us good things about life. He loved seeing the perfection. The hands copying each and every letter with precision. Never making an error.

When Father Proof Reader died, because of his good earthly works he was given access to all of libraries of all of great religious documents of the Church upon his arrival at the Golden Gates of Heaven. He was thrilled to be able to examine the teachings and writings of all the religious scholars who had come before him. Father Xerox. Father Copy. Sister Collated Copy.

One day he ran across a dusty ancient manuscript.

As Father Proof Reader examined the beautiful page his eyes fell upon these words:

And God said this: “To all of you I say “Celebrate! Be a Celebrate!”

Father Proof Reader leaped from his chair and screamed “CELEBRATE! For the past hundred years we thought it said celibate!”

And that children is the importance of the Letter “R” and proof reading.

Now I must get me to a summary: Watch your letters. Watch your “P’s” and “Q’s” and your “R”. Proof carefully.

Thank you, Sister Mary Elephant.

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