Monday, February 6, 2017 – What A Subtle Super Bowl!

Monday, February 6, 2017 – What A Subtle Super Bowl!

Good Morning, Boys and Girls.

Our vocabulary word today is: Subtle. The B is silent like the P in swimming. It is an adjective meaning especially of a change or distinction so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or delicately complex and understated; clever and indirect methods to achieve something.

In the event you have been living under a rock or perhaps detained in a foreign airport, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. It is an unofficial, semi-holy day of obligation that falls on a Sunday between Martin Luther King Day in January and Valentine’s Day in February. It is an American born holiday where people eat tons of junk food, drink way too much alcohol, discuss the commercials and then watch a boring game of football.

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Yesterday’s contest began with the usual bore, but then became an exciting contest that went into overtime. Yesterday’s contest was between the Atlanta Falcons and the Brady Phoenix Rising from the Ashes New England Patriots. Once again the Yankees burn Atlanta. But, frankly, my dear…

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials? HWIT, my top three included but were not limited to: 1. Audi – for equal pay for women statement; 2. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog – I have no idea what the product was because I was laughing too hard at the subtly between the two. Of course I want to include Coca Cola – let’s share a beverage and be nice to each other regardless of what head dress one is wearing.

What about Lady Gaga? It looked like she included everybody in the show. How many noticed she was wearing Dallas Cowboy colors upon her fly in? She opens singing God bless America; land that I love and immediately transcends to This land is your land; this land is my land…” Two signature songs written reflecting the dysfunctional time in American history that is referred to as The Depression.

God Bless America was composed by Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant from Russia. His family left in the early 1890’s and immigrated to America looking for freedom to worship. It seems those nasty Russian Cossacks were killing them for their religious beliefs.

This Land is Your Land was composed by Woodie Guthrie and is considered the ultimate song of protest and in every recent protest the marchers sang it. Think a kid whose parents lost everything, was raised in the Dust Bowl Oklahoma and immediately saw the inequality of wealth in America. Think desperate farmers and thousands unemployed.

Then with a quick camera cut away there was the VPOTUS, Mike Pence, clapping, dancing and singing along to Born This Way. OK, I alternated that fact. The camera did cut away to him during the song, but I did not seem him clapping, dancing or singing.

Subtle. Subtle. Subtle. Well done, Patriots. Well done, Lady Gaga. Well done, Houston.

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