Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – June is Busting Out All Over – 161 Days

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – June is Busting Out All Over – 161 Days

I was looking for something to think about today and found nothing of interest. I will play word association with myself.


Donald Trump – Bombastic – even the PGA is leaving your Florida golf course and taking a tournament to Mexico City.

Hillary Clinton – I will email her later.

Bernie Sanders – The Supremes – You Just Keep Me Hanging On

ESPN/CBS/SEC Football Broadcasts – House Cleaning – Good Bye Vern Lunquist. Good Bye Chris Berman. Please take Brent Mushburger with you. See if Jesse Palmer can ride with you.

NCAA Women’s College World Series – there are some very large girls who play softball. If you have any eligibility left I am sure a Division III football team would be interested in your talents.

Baylor – WOW. How sad. And now Ken Starr. Who would have ever seen his demise due to a sex scandal? Talk about Karma. One of my mother’s favorite proverbs “Play in shit; gonna get shitty.”

New Favorite TV Show – Houdini and Doyle – Science vs. Spiritualism in London 1901 plus the suffragettes.

Texas – “Water, water, everywhere and oh the boards did shrink; water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.”

Transgender – Give me strength. Who gets to do the in-service next fall for teachers on who gets to tinkle where? Does it coincide with their concealed handgun workshop?

Nothing of interest – same old same old except for the 161 days. There are 161 days until Election Day. Then what?

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