Friday, May 13, 2016 – To Pee or Not to Pee – That is the Question.

Friday, May 13, 2016 – To Pee or Not to Pee – That is the Question.

Snarky Friday Returns. It is Friday, the 13th and a full moon. The crazy people come into the light.

Nov 2013 2013-08-24 156 (800x530)

Photo by me. Austin Graffiti Wall August 2013

I am not fond of lawmakers trying to pass legislation about my body or my bodily functions. I just do not think morality can be legislated. Urinating does appear to be an unalienable right and does fall under life, since one will die if he or she does not urinate. I suppose liberty and pursuit of happiness do fall into the bowl too. Liberty as in “free to pee” and happiness since, well, who isn’t happy with an empty bladder? But should this be a political issue?

I see where Lt. Governor of Texas Dan Patrick is willing to fall on his sword regarding the Fort Worth Independent School District and the Superintendent’s stance on transgender bathrooms.

Which part of INDEPENDENT School District do you not understand, Lt. Gov. Patrick? Last time I looked at the Texas Constitution and the Texas Education Code, the Executive Office cannot single out one school district and make decisions for the district. It falls under local control – you know that platform you advocate?

Regardless of one’s opinion on transgender and bathrooms and who pees where, the issue is authoritarian control by the Texas Legislature regarding school districts and the policies adopted locally.

One must listen carefully to the language used. Tomorrow the POTUS will issue a “Directive” to public schools regarding transgender and bathrooms.  In spite of Lt. Governor Patrick’s rhetoric, it is not an Executive Order. It is not a law. It does not “force” anybody to do anything. Lt. Gov, you are just making up stuff as you usually do and the lemmings march to the sea behind you.

I wonder how the bathrooms will look in the proposed 63 MILLION dollar football stadium in McKinney ISD. At that price tag there could be many bathrooms. Something for everyone. I wonder how much instruction 63 million dollars would provide?

Oh well. I hope you get to pee wherever you want to.

Contributions to this article come from The Yellow Stream, by I.P. Freely.

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