Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – Assessment Wednesday and My Tardy Excuse

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – Assessment Wednesday and My Tardy Excuse


Please excuse DrDrD for being late in posting Here’s What I’m Thinking. She was up late last night going to graduate school again – this time at Baylor.

Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library – Downtown Bryan, Texas

I know the picture is a library in Bryan. Like I have a picture of the Baylor library? GN4 is the only one who knew where the library is. I doubt the other GN’s know of its location let alone took a of photograph of it.

But let’s take more time away from instruction again and work on assessment like they do in the public school system.

Part One – See if you can name the Seven Dwarfs as in Snow White and the …

Part Two – Of those you can name, select the ones you feel most like today.

Part Three – Compute the percentage you can name. Hint: X=number you can name divided by 7. (X/7). Thank you, Mr. Wax.

OK – I can name five – Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Dopy, Grumpy – exactly the ones I feel like. Therefore, my answer is 5/7 or 71%. With TEA adjustment or handicap like in golf, I rank in the upper percentile and can move on to the next grade level.

The Seven Dwarfs (or the Seven Dwarves if one is home schooled) are:

Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Dopy, Grumpy, Happy and Bashful.

For today, I must get busy with my tutoring and print the new version of my homework.

Someday my prints will come…

Don’t forget to vote for Gayla McClendon as Team Mom

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