Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Vote Early! Vote Often! But Vote for Gayla!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Vote Early! Vote Often! But Vote for Gayla!

And vote for her before NOVEMBER 6. Here is who she is, how to vote and why you should vote for her.

Who she is.

BJ, Jenny Lee, Penny, et. al – her people are from Louisiana. Her daddy is Little Cecil – a real Smarty Pants, like me – letters after his name and such.

Buddy Glasses

Her granddaddy was Big Cecil who was my Godfather and ran the sawmill commissary and then Groves & Son after the mill left.

Groves and Son

Howard Wayne Davenport – This is your photo.

The Groves came to Texas from Flora, Louisiana when my Mama and Honeyboy did. (That is HB leaning against the post in the black pants. All said, we are kinda kin. Should her father choose to add to the story regarding sleeping arrangements shortly after they all moved from Texas, he is free to do so. I always like how it embarrasses my sister.

Weaver Brothers

Here is how you vote.


Go to this website, scroll down. Find Gayla McClendon and click on SUBMIT. You get one vote per day. Too bad it is not based on phone numbers and emails. I really could vote often.

Here is why you should vote.

Gayla GROVES McClendon is nominated for Week 10 Team Mom for the Tri-City Panthers. The top ten vote getters receive a $1000 Equipment Grant and the GRAND prize is a $5000 Equipment Grant.

This is a national contest. One is allowed one vote/day UNTIL November 8. While every Mom listed on the website is a winner, those receiving the top votes receive personal benefits for the tremendous amount of work required to be a Team Mom and for money which in turn goes back to the team for equipment.

BJ, Joyce, Janne – and all other Queens, I did not see where this comes with a crown and a ride in a convertible, but I am sure Buckalew Chevrolet can find something suitable for Gayla to ride around the football field – heck, maybe even through downtown Waco and the Tri-Cities!

Buckalew Chevy

3 responses to “Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – Vote Early! Vote Often! But Vote for Gayla!

  1. Delia, great article and thanks for the “call to arms” in voting for Gayla. She has really done a great job in helping and supporting so many kids have the opportunity of experiencing teamwork and learning responsibility through football. The awards from this contest will go to give more kids the chance to participate.


  2. Sister Dale here. Little Cecil always says that I was the first gal he had ever slept with….And he was the first guy I ever slept with. Does it matter that we were ages 8 and 6 at the time in 1945. I think we both are sorta proud of that fact. Ha Ha!!!! O.K. you smart folks, I think the correct English should be “with whom I slept”. Think I learned in English class that you do not end a sentence with a preposition.

    Good Luck, Gayla.



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