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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – The First Three Holes – Eagle, Birdie, Goose

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 –The First Three Holes –  Eagle, Birdie, Goose

Golf hazards do not always mean water and woods. After I stopped laughing I felt sorry for this young man.

My golf course animal rule: My emergency room deductible is $50. A box of cheap golf balls is $25. Therefore, if the ball goes into the grass or weeds and the greenery is up to my shoe laces, it is considered a lost ball and gone to snake land or as golfers say “where the monkeys make love.”

There is also the unwritten rule of “play the ball where the monkeys drop it.” When the British introduced golf to India during colonial days, monkeys were a serious problem. The animals would take a golfer’s ball, run with it and then drop it. The British were also a serious problem for the India, but that is another story.

If you think about it, sometimes it is like life. You just have to play life where the monkey drops you. Or in this young man’s case, where the goose drops you.


Good read on the British, monkeys and life.