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Friday, February 20, 2015 – Snarky Friday – PRE-K Assessment

Friday, February 20, 2015 – Snarky Friday – PRE-K Assessment

I do believe that I have once again channeled in Molly Ivins and some famous audio/visual maker. For Snarky Friday, I recommend to the Governor of Texas, the following Pre-Kindergarten Assessment Instrument for his consideration.

Pre K Assessment Instrument – Flash Card

Teacher Instructions – Have two instructional aides and one parent volunteer conduct the class.  Meanwhile, you take each student individually into the hall.  Show the student the following flash card.  Have the student point to items that are good for you and items that are bad for you. Then have the student identify each item aloud first in their native language and then in English.

PreK Assessment

And now the Pre-K Assessment Instrument as defined by the Texas State Board of Education

Teacher Instructions – Have the home school or charter school administrators and parents conduct the class.  Meanwhile, you take each student individually into the hall. Pray with them with your religious beliefs. Show the student the following flash card.  Have the student point to items that are good for you and items that are bad for you. Then have the student identify each item aloud in English only. Say Amen after each correct response.


Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, January 21, 2015 – Check for Understanding

Tuesday, January 21, 2015 – Check for Understanding

Today, I am channeling in Saint Madeline Hunter, Patron Saint of Education, Goddess of The Public School Lesson Plan and my inner Molly Ivins.

Dr. Hunter “As information is delivered to the students, it is necessary to stop and check for understanding. This should be done periodically throughout the presentation of the lesson. This ensures everyone understands the concept or idea being presented.  The method to check for understanding is to ask “Are there any questions?” Wait eight seconds and if there are no questions move on to the next concept or building block toward the objective. If questions arise, reassess and reteach the concept.”

Following that model, let’s see what Ms. Ivins might have said as we check for understanding about yesterday’s inaugural festivities on the Texas capitol grounds. More specifically – the luncheon on the South grounds.

REALLY?  Who was on the planning committee for this function? Did students from an inner city, historically Black school really serve barbeque on the capitol grounds? Meanwhile, was it true that over 200 servers served 10,000 people? What was the percentage of Hispanics serving food? How were they able to immigrate here? How did you know their citizenship status? Did you have any barefoot and pregnant women or girls do something? This was damn near reminiscent of a movie set in 1954 where Ashley Wilkes or some other Big Daddy Plantation type holds a picnic in the front yard.

Aren’t these the type of students you are trying to exclude through the voucher system of education? And yet they were placed stereotypical roles from over sixty years ago?  REALLY? This is progress?

I am so confused.

God Bless Texas and God Bless Education in Texas!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 – And The Winners Are?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 – And The Winners Are?

“I Am Born.” That is the title of chapter one of what novel? Extra credit if you know the author.

Before I get to my last college football awards until next season, there is one more birthday to celebrate. MINE. Four score and seven years ago… No wait. That is The Gettysburg Address.  Three score and six years ago, I was born on this day.  That makes me 36, right?

Today marks the beginning of the 84th Texas Legislative session or as we referred to it – The Silly Season. Great niece Twin 2 begins her job as an assistant clerk with the Senate Transportation Committee.  I sent her a tweet that says “Good luck. Observe. Learn. And keep your voter registration card current.” Do I miss being a bureaucrat during session? I do miss the excitement, but I do not miss the long, grueling hours and the frustration. But I must say when I saw the email “First Reading” that begins the tracking of bills, my heart did flutter a bit. But I shall try to channel in the great, gone too soon, Molly Ivins and write about the session. Just a preview – today, at the opening session, armed gun activists are expected to gather outside the capitol.

And now – May I have the envelope please?

My award winners for the inaugural college football playoff are:

First runner-up award goes to Oregon. Duck Duck Sink. In the event the first place winner is unable to full her duties, (like some antiquated NCAA eligibility rule will surface) will Oregon get to be the National Champion?

And the 2015 National Champion of NCAA, college football, Division I is THE Ohio State University. What a way to dot that “I.” This in spite of the fact the flag bearers misspelled OHIO by forgetting the second “O” before the game began.

I had a three-way tie for most valuable players. While running back Ezekiel Elliot had a game of biblical proportions and safety Tyvis Powell led the team with nine tackles, my Most Valuable Player Award goes to Twelve Gauge, Cardale Jones. Did you see the arm on that guy?  There is a reason his teammates call him twelve-gauge like a shotgun. That and the fact he is huge and fast and extremely mobile. And he was the THIRD string QB?

Congratulations to The Ohio State University, but I still do not know what those little stickers on your helmets are. Nevertheless, everybody should have a helmet filled with them for a job well done. And you did it through hard work, facing epic obstacles and never, never gave up or quit believing in yourselves. Well done, gentlemen.

But now for the true winner$ of the fir$t college playoff$ $erie$:

  • AT&T
  • ESPN
  • NIKE and
  • Dr. Pepper aka Larry Culpepper.

Larry, will we see you ad nauseum during March Madness?

Parting shots – I see where Texas A&M has released quarterback Kenny Hill to explore his options.  Rumor has TCU in the mix.  Good luck, Kenny. I am sure there are flower beds in front of bars and restaurants in Fort Worth.  As the Aggies say, “Highway 6 runs both ways” meaning “if you can’t cut it at Texas A&M, go somewhere else.”

And to Johnny Football – You had that name trademarked or copyrighted. Do you plan to have Johnny Screw Up trademarked or copyrighted too? Get it together, Johnny! The partying is over, until you can take the Browns to a descent NFL season.

And to Kyle Allen, who tweeted “I want that feeling” – Fighting Texas Aggies everywhere want the feeling of a national championship too.  Take us there. BTHO – Arizona State, September 5, 2015

Chapter One from Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield (not the magician) is titled “I Am Born.”