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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – More Texas Stuff. Well, It Is a Big State!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – More Texas Stuff. Well, It Is a Big State!

Howdy ya’ll. I don’t know why I am still in this here rodeo cowgirl mood. I reckon it is because it will soon be time for the Houston Rodeo. Note to self: Do not put away rain gear and warm coats. Trail rides will start soon.

Who is old enough to remember?

  1. When The Houston Rodeo was called The Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo?
  2. If your band marched in the Houston parade? (And froze our tubas off one year).
  3. When the rodeo was held in the Sam Houston Coliseum?
  4. When rodeo moved to The Astrodome?

Original photo by Conroe Courier.

If you can remember any of those you are old as dirt.

Speaking of old as dirt, let’s sit around the cyber camp fire and think on these tunes about Texas that were listed on HWIT last Friday and talked about one Monday.

After conducting extensive research by asking people at the gym, at the restaurant and at the basketball game the last night, here is a summary of that research.

1. If there is not a song by Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys you cannot have a list of songs about Texas.

I agree. I am now taking nominations for your favorite Bob Wills song to be added. Please leave your response in the box below. I am going with San Antonio Rose.

2. When I Die by Tanya Tucker is winning the number three spot hands down.

3. Regarding Galveston by Glen Campbell.

Old as Dirt Demographic – Move Galveston down the list to number six.

Millennial Demographic – Remove from list.

That was better than who is Glen Campbell.

4. The number two spot remains with Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett with Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Still number one on the list and in our hearts is

Amarillo by Morning by George Strait.


In response to an out of state question – “What Happened to The Yellow Rose of Texas?” Technically, the song does not meet the criteria since it is about a person and not the state.

In addition, here is some revisionist history regarding the origin of the song. I wonder if the DRT knows about this? I feel confident the state textbook decision makers don’t.

I’ll be waiting to hear what your songs by Bob Wills or any other great artist who sings about Texas.



Monday, January 22, 2017 – Handy Guide to Friday’s HWIT regarding a Top 10 List of Songs about Texas

Monday, January 22, 2017 – Handy Guide to Friday’s HWIT regarding a Top 10 List of Songs about Texas

Friday’s post was from a website listing the top 10 songs about Texas. May I suggest you get your device, get a Shiner beer, sit on the porch and listen to all of the songs and watch all of the videos? There is great footage of our great state.

But if you do not have time, let me help. Here is a list of Top 10 songs about Texas from last Friday’s HWIT and of course what I am thinking about each one and three videos that are a must see.

  • Coming in at number 10, from 1975, with Asleep at the Wheel, is The Charlie Daniel’s Band singing Texas. Good song
  • At nine – Girls from Texas with Pat Green and Lyle Lovett. Good song, but there are better songs about how good looking we Texas women are. I suggest replace with Bob Wills San Antonio Rose.
  • Eight – Waltz Across Texas – Earnest Tubb. You ain’t lived until a cowboy waltzes you across a dance floor in a Texas honkytonk – even if the song is playing on the juke box. (Millennials, Google “juke box.”)

    I have no idea where this place is, nor how good the barbeque sandwiches are or how cold the beer. However, I shall ask some of my friends if they are familiar. LOL.

  • Seven My Texas by Josh Abbott Band. I’m old and was not familiar with this song. But it became an instant favorite with opening lines about climbing Enchanted Rock, drinking a Shiner in Luckenbach and being in love along The River Walk. If you have not done the things listed in the song, then like Josh Abbott sings, then you ain’t met my Texas yet.

Just to name a few mentions from the song I have done – Cooper’s in Llano; kolaches in West, seen a Hill Country, Abeline and El Paso sunset; had my hair blown by the wind in Lubbock and been to the Houston Rodeo.

I have not hiked Big Bend, but it might be this year! Maybe stop in Marfa and see the lights, which I have done.

Six When I Die I may Not Go to Texas – Tanya Tucker. No explanation needed. I think this song needs to move higher on the list.

Five – God Bless Texas – Little Texas. Great song. That is how Texas was populated as “God sent Angels from The Promise Land.

Four – Luckenbach, Texas – Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Again, no explanation needed.

Three – Galveston – Glenn Campbell. Another, no explanation needed. You either get it or you don’.

Two – Deep in the Heart of Texas – Gene Autry and Smiley Burnett. The video is a Saturday morning TV show from childhood or the afternoon matinee at the movies if you are really old. When is the last time you heard ALL of the words to this great song? This will make your hands clap.


And the number one song about Texas is Amarillo by Morning – George Strait.


There is something about those opening fiddle strains that causes all of the feelings described in the song to rush forward and surface as memories, good ones and those you thought you were forgotten.

From those of us who have watched this video, we believe it to be Strait’s first performance at the 1984 Houston Rodeo. I think I was there. Eddie Rabbit was supposed to perform, but became ill. Allegedly some high level rodeo official said “hey this guy named George Strait is playing in Beaumont; see if he can take Rabbit’s spot.” And as they say “the rest is history.”

But wait! There’s more! Strait was doing the college tour. For a “congratulations you defended your dissertation present,” I saw George Strait at Sam Houston State University the week before. Also, Melba, don’t watch. It was the bull ride that jogged my memory before George Strait. FYI – the rider was ok.

Until later, Happy trails to you.