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Thursday, July 14, 2016 – Bastille Day! Vive la France!

Thursday, July 14, 2016 – Bastille Day! Vive la France!

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French Champagne and a Belgium Moon.

Whatever you say, don’t call it Bastille Day. That’s a British term – the French call it the much more poetic ‘la fête du 14-Juillet’, or simply ‘la fête nationale’.

In fact, you don’t wish people ‘happy’ anything. Perhaps safest sticking with “Vive la France! Vive la République!” because that’s what it was all about.

The storming of the prison Bastille symbolized the start of the French Revolution. This is one of the many revolutions against the governments of the time. In the case of the French, this revolution did not go well for King Louis and Marie Antoinette. After several years of unrest in France a little man named Napoleon Bonaparte would appear on the scene of history.

Here are some words you can use today to show your support for France.

Bien sûr.

French Revolution – la Revolution Francaise

Republic – la Republique

French flag – le drapeau tricolore

Fireworks – le feu d’artifice

Military parade – le defile

Homeland – la patrie

Long Live France – Vive la France

Storming of the Bastille – la Prise de la Bastille

Eiffel Tower – la tour Eiffel

French national anthem – “La Marseillaise”

Great Football Team – Texas Aggies

OK, I was just checking to see if you were still reading.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 – Viva la France! – Play La Marseillaise!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 – Viva la France! – Play La Marseillaise!

On July 14, 1789, the Bastille in Paris was stormed by the people of France, a significant event in the French Revolution. A year later, that day was designated to celebrate the unity of the French nation. Today, Americans celebrate all things delicious and French — macarons, baguette, crème brulée, brie cheese, ratatouille, quiche.

And of course – wine and champagne!

Here is one of the great scenes from one of the greatest movies of all time – Casablanca. You must remember this…

But it has the great Humphrey Bogart, the patriot Paul Henreid and the stunning Ingrid Bergman. It is the scene where Victor Laszlo (Henreid) says “Play La Marseillaise!”