Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – The Great American Read and a What Do You Think Puzzle

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – The Great American Read and a What Do You Think Puzzle

I have been following The Great American Read on PBS since the premier episode last May. Quick Review: 100 books were selected as fictional works that influenced readers of all ages. Viewers are to selection their most loved book(s) that made a significant difference in their life. Next Tuesday the book that received the most votes will be announced.

My goal was to check off 50 titles that I have read by the end of August. I missed the deadline by a bit, but as of yesterday the count is up to 53 with two books sitting on the table to be read. I think I can have 60 checked off by the end of the year. I am pretty much left with those monstrosities with many pages – like the Russians and Dune, so it will be slow reading from now on. Once again, let’s review. One of the reasons I have read so many from the lists is that I hold three degrees in liberal arts. Those are those fields where you read and read and read some more. One of my favorite fields of study is Social and Intellectual History. You have to read a lot books.

What is my most favorite and influential book? Of course there are many and I’m not telling yet. But I will be keenly disappointed if it is not selected. However, I am sure I will be happy with the selection unless it is Fifty Shades of Gray. But I will give you some hints to my selection. American author, Deep South, racial tensions, and freedom. Scout out the list and see if you can guess.

The first to respond with the correct answer will receive the $11.75 that I usually when I turn the books into Half-Price Books. Responses must be made by 5:00 next Monday or whenever you can before Tuesday at 7:00 PM. So what are you thinking it might be?

View the 100 Most Loved Books at the link below.

One response to “Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – The Great American Read and a What Do You Think Puzzle

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird


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