Thursday, September 27, 2018 – The Halloween Game 7-3

Thursday, September 27, 2018 – The Halloween Game 7-3

If you are from Louisiana and follow LSU, when you hear “the Halloween Game.”you immediately think of Ole Miss, Billy Cannon and the run.

Billy Cannon about to sign my LSU shirt.

My LSU commemorative T-Shirt signed by Heisman Trophy winner, Billy Cannon and his blocking back at LSU – Cousin Donnie Daye.

This year when LSU and Ole Miss meet on Saturday, the statue of Billy Cannon will be unveiled. Billy Cannon’s request was “there will be no statue of me without the mention of the Tiger Football Team.” I understand there is a plaque with the names of all of the players on the team.  Players and those representing team members no longer here will be present for the unveiling.

Cousin Donnie Daye and wife Penny with Donnie’s trophies. I know you will be looking down, Donnie.

Representing my family is Cousin Penny Daye, Donnie’s widow. She will wear one of Donnie’s jersey’s.


LSU band remembering Donnie. 2016 (I think)

GEAUX TIGERS! RIP Billy. Donnie already paved the way for you.


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