Tuesday, September 25, 2018 –But Auntie Delia. But Auntie Mame!

Get that Halloween stuff off of the shelves. Forget the turkey and fall stuff. Christmas Day is three months away! Let’s ensure we make Christmas as commercial as possible. I hope I hear my first carol next week that mentions snow when it is still 95 degrees in Texas. And I really hope it is one of the obnoxious ones that gives you music earworms and you cannot identify or forget. Maybe it will be those damn chipmunks.

I keep a tree up year round. Not a live one. This was my John Wayne tree from several years ago.

Then there was the Patsy Cline Shrine Tree.

This year I have had Dale’s last Christmas tree up since last Christmas. It gives a beautiful white light in the corner. It is near the refrigerator and the candy dish within easy reach for her. And yes, that is an Aggie maroon and white tree on top of the refrigerator.

I cannot believe another Christmas is three months from today.

For I’ve grown a little leaner,

Grown a little colder,

Grown a little sadder,

Grown a little older,

And I need a little angel

Sitting on my shoulder.


You sang along, didn’t you? Don’t tell me you didn’t. Have a Gleeful day.

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