Tuesday, August 14, 2019 – The Family Hoods and Vikings

Tuesday, August 14, 2019 – The Family Hoods and Vikings

Congratulations to my gnephew, Brandon for receiving his Masters in Taxation degree and being hooded at Baylor University.Here is a picture of two of the four family hoods. We will see if we can obtain a photo of the other two family hoods – the MSW and the J.D. Nine degrees of book learning among the four of us and we can barely recognize a hammer, let alone use one.

After the graduation and hooding ceremony some of the family members went to The Waco Hilton to toast Brandon with a glass of champagne. I am so glad I went because Girlfriends, I found us some dates. That’s right I got one for me and there are some for you, in fact probably a tribe of them, right from a bar in Waco, Texas. I believe these men were from the First Barbarian Church of the Visigoths out on a Saturday doing the church visitations before the evening raids.

The man in the droopy jeans, T-shirt and blue piss pot (Aggie term) on his head holding a long pole is Captain America. Not exactly how I envisioned Captain America, but then again, I never envisioned America this way either.

Next girl trip to Waco we shall meet at the Waco Hilton. Sign up now before the Viking ship sails the up the Brazos.

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