Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – Elementary School Day at the Aggie Women’s Basketball Game

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – Elementary School Day at the Aggie Women’s Basketball Game.

It was screaming school kids’ day at the Aggie Women’s basketball game today. Three thousand five hundred elementary school children in Reed Arena.

Let me put that in alphanumeric form: 3500 fourth and fifth graders; Just numbers – 3500 x 4 x 5 =? A now a word problem, if 3,500 4th and 5th graders sat screaming in an enclosed area, what decibel level would be reached? Show your work.

It was awesome. Those Yell Leaders and announcers had the boys and girls doing yells and Sawing Varsity’s Horns Off before you could drink a glass of maroon Kool-Aid and swear to one day become a Former Student. Translation: There is no such thing as an ex Aggie. You are always an Aggie! You may no longer be on campus.

Of course it helped that most of their teachers are Former Students and had prepared their students in the treasured customs, traditions, and rituals of Aggieland. Note to the school children: Great Sway during War Hymn.

When we stood for The Star Spangled Banner, I snapped this photo – WWII Veteran.

The National Anthem was sung acapella by the Bryan ISD Fourth Grade Choir. It was very special. You may play among the windmills of your mind and make any connections you so desire.

And now a final word problem. If the boy in the green sweater is sitting next to the boy in the blue sweater and between the identical twin girls in the red sweaters, but not next to the red hair person in the purple sweater, then did the Aggies win?

Yes. The Aggies beat TCU. Where are my Advil?

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