Tuesday, November 21, 2017 – T’was Two Days Before Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 – T’was Two Days Before Thanksgiving

T’was two days before Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring except the turkeys and they were pretty damn scared.

Did you know male turkeys gobble and female turkeys click? Female turkeys make a clicking noise. “Turkeys are very social animals who spend their nights grouped in flocks and perched on tree branches to stay away from predators. In the morning, they let out a wake-up call – a series of soft yelps – to make certain their fellow turkeys in the roosting group made it safely through the nights. With all accounted for, they descend to begin their day.” Source: Extension Illinois.Edu

Here’s what I thinking. First, of all that description sounds like some of the Austin Aurora Deck parties, but no time for flashbacks today. Back to the turkeys.

What does is mean “with all accounted for?” Do they count? Branches check? Like a bed check? Perhaps they call roll. Tom? Tom, Jr? Butterball?

What do turkeys do when “they descend to begin their day?” Do they have jobs? Go to school?

What happens if their fellow turkeys do not make it safely through the night and are kinda lying lifeless below the roost? Do they sing “Poor Judd is dead” from Oklahoma? Maybe a chorus of Turkey in the Straw?

I hope these and other fascinating questions provide conversation starters for your Thanksgiving meal. Ya’ll be thankful, you Turkeys!

Family story; When the railroad was being built through Colfax, La, Uncle Clarence told the “minority group” working that turkey buzzards were good to eat.” The railroad lost almost 3 days of laying track due to sickness.

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