Wednesday, August 30, 2017 – Mouths With No Brains and Climate Change

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 – Mouths With No Brains and Climate Change

“Good Morning Houston! This is radio station KILT wishing you a great day! The sun is shining over our city.” If you grew up around Houston this was the radio greeting we woke up to every morning.

Harvey has left the building – at least the Houston area.

Please continue with thoughts and prayers as the storm made a third land fall in Louisiana. Forecasts have it moving up the Sabine River and then finally off to the northeast. Please keep the people and the petrochemical plants in that area in your thoughts and prayers.

It is heart – warming and overwhelming to see Texas and other states pulling together to offer relief and assistance. As a Native Born Texas, we cannot thank you enough.

It is heart – breaking to hear the know nothings even speak. HWIT to the Big Mouth with No Brain, Ann Coulter.

Yes, Ann. You are right as rain saying that former lesbian Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, is a more plausible reason for Hurricane Harvey than climate change. What is your rationale for the previous mayor, Bill White? He is a White man. What about current mayor, Sylvester Turner? He is a Black man. Both are about my age.

Following your logic I can only conclude that baldness (White) and being less than 6 feet tall (Turner) and aging are also more plausible reasons than climate change.

I had no idea that one’s sexual orientation, genetic dispositions causing baldness and growth were also causes of climate change. More Mouths with No Brains can thank you for adding baldness, being short and growing old to the reasons for what took place in Houston. I am certainly changing my mind about climate change. Next time you come to Texas maybe you can relax and hangout along the Gulf Coast at Dallas.

So here’s to all the Mouths with No Brains, Station HWIT dedicates America singing A Horse with No Name.

PS – I know exactly how tall Sylvester Turner is. During another lifetime, when he was in the Texas Legislature we met eye-to-eye (literally and strategically) on many issues. Once again, thank you Mayor Turner.

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