Monday, March 20, 2017 – Spring Has Sprung! Brackets Bust!

Monday, March 20, 2017 – Spring Has Sprung! Brackets Bust!

Happy First Day of Spring! A poem for us all.

Spring has sprung;

The grass has ris;

I wonder where the flowers is.

Happy Spring Ya’ll. It is that time of year when we grab the kids and pets, park dangerously along the roadside and go sit our butts in the beautiful Texas bluebonnets for the family photo shoot.

Spring has sprung and so have most of the Basketball Bracketeers brackets. One side of my bracket totally collapsed when Duke was upset by South Carolina. I still have a Kansas Kentucky match up but it is not called March Madness without reason.

On the women’s bracket I am holding strong into the Second Round. And I actually have Texas A&M women playing UConn in the Sweet 16, but tonight it is UCLA. I am prepared – one beer per quarter for Quarters one, two and three and the remaining three beers during the Fourth Quarter. Hopefully by that time the beers and bears (Bruins) will be finished.

This is me practicing last year tailgating at Texas A&M/UCLA football game.

Before we leave resting on our maroon laurels, Saturday night the Texas A&M Women’s basketball team set an NCAA record for the largest comeback win in history. The Aggies were behind by 21 points going into the fourth quarter. The Penn Quakers began to quake and soon the Quakers were shaken, not stirred and all shook up. The Aggies outscored the Quakers 25 to 1 in the Fourth Quarter to win in the final seconds. In addition to a thrilling game, it was a joy to watch the coaching and execution. And of course the fact the Aggies won!

“Games can still be won with heart and passion. That’s what an Aggie is all about. Never count us out.” Gary Blair

Curtyce Knox – NCAA (men’s and women’s) current record holder for Assists per Game – averaging 9.2.

But tonight we focus on UCLA. I must go nap now because the game does not start until 8:05.


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