Tuesday October 4, 2016 – Tuesday Tales from The Brazos Valley aka My Hood

Tuesday October 4, 2016 – Tuesday Tales from The Brazos Valley aka My Hood

Tonight is the Vice Presidential debates. That should be about as exciting as watching The Weather Channel or CSPAN.

Tonight is also Neighborhood Night Out. My Hood gathering is at the cul-de-sac at the end of my street. Remember I live in a 55 + “active” Senior Community? I am not sure what the developer meant by “active” but I think he meant more active than going to the mailbox and back or walking the dog to the end of the block while pushing a baby stroller then returning pushing the dog in the stroller. The next time I Tucker sit I think I will have him come to my house. I would like to see my neighbor’s faces and their little yappy dogs’ faces when Tucker and I go over to ask if Bela, or Shorty or Chester, etc. can come out and play. Me and Tucker (800x800)

It is from 6:00 to 8:00. One is to bring a beverage and chair. Of course most of the residents just roll on down to the end of the street on their little scooters or in their chair with wheels or with their walkers with the chair seats.

Of course I am going. There is free food. Last year the Hood wanted the Night Out to be at 4:00 like when they go pick up their To-Go Orders from The Cotton Patch, but I don’t think the police could attend this year until six.

One of my neighbors is running for Mayor of Bryan. I imagine there will be lots of glad handing and back slapping.  If I had known the job was only part time I might have considered running. For those of you who know some of my neighbors, relax, none of them are the candidate.

Nevertheless, I hope there is a scooter and wheel chair race back home to see the debates. I probably will not be wearing a shirt with a logo that says “I’m With Her.” I am wondering if Tim Kaine is going to wear a tie or just go with the un ironed shirt look as usual.

Happy Tuesday!


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