Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – Dog Days of Summer

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – Dog Days of Summer and Guest Blogger

Hello. My name is Tucker. I am Aunt Delia’s great dog nephew.  She went to hit the little white ball into a hole with a stick so I am taking her place. I take a great selfie, don’t I?.

Me and Tucker (800x800)

When my house family goes out of town, AD comes and stays with me. I like her. We have fun and she takes good care of me. In fact, I think she might change her will and leave all of her money to me! Why? I see more of her than her than she sees of her biped great nieces and nephews.  AD and I have a bet that she will not get single LIKE from any of them on FB.

Here are some pictures of what we do when she visits. We have breakfast and coffee outside. Tucker Breakfast (800x450)

Then we go for a walk.

Tucker Walk (800x450)

When we return I get ice cubes in my water bowl to cool my after walk water.  Isn’t she the best?

Tucker Ice Water (800x450)

Sometimes, if I am persistent, I get a massage.

Tucker Massage (800x450)

Mostly, I sit and watch the front door waiting for my house family.

Tucker profile (648x800)I miss them when they are gone.

Tucker Sad (800x742)I like to sleep a lot too.

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