Monday, June 6, 2016 – The Frogs from TCU are Hoping and Hopping

Monday, June 6, 2016 – The Frogs from TCU are Hoping and Hopping

That is correct. The TC PHEW horn frogs won the Fort Worth Regional baseball tournament. This means the Texas Aggies are waiting for you to take Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park this week. The bubbles will be waiting for you. And so will our Aggie memories from last year. So here’s to hoping, hopping and WHOOPING. BTHO TCU!

In other sports news I see where a blogger for Kansas (rock, chalk Jayhawk) wants The Big 12 to remove Baylor from the conference for the recent activity with the football team. Do you even play football, Kansas? I thought you only had a basketball team – a men’s team at that. Removing BU from the Big 12 will do what? I am not taking up for Baylor by any means. But it also serves no purpose for others to kick them when they are down. Especially since you bring nothing to the Big 12 yourself.

I am done. Over and out and off to the golf course. Hasta la manana.

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