Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – The Hoi Polloi Speaketh from New York

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – The Hoi Polloi Speaketh from New York

Hoi polloi – pronounced HOI puh-LOI. It is a noun that means “the common people; the masses (often preceded the).

Brooklyn Bridge (800x534)

Photo by me. New York City – Brooklyn Bridge – 1986.

And then there were five candidates vying for the delegates from New York. There are three former/current US Senators; a current governor and a businessman with bad hair. Tonight we see who is voted off the island. We also learn who is voted off of Dancing With the Stars.

It seems the reality show called To Elect the President has played the states’ stages of production and revisions and will premier tonight from New York. As the show becomes more refined, often name changes are in order. Here’s What I’m Thinking for possible names for coming reality show productions – The Republican and Democratic Conventions.

  • Cussing for The White House
  • The Great Name Calling Shows
  • The Great Hoi Polloilooza
  • Hoi Polloi POTUS
  • We’re Doing the Hoi Polloi Polka
  • The Biggest Hoi Polloi Loser
  • Hoi Polloi – That’s My Boy!

Whatever the hoi polloi have to say tonight, perhaps we can get permission for Larry King to use the following lyrics. Not the talk show host Larry King.

Oooh I love to dance the little sidestep; now they seem me now they don’t;

I’ve Come and Gone.

And Oooh. I love to sweep around the wide step

Cut a little swath and lead the people on!”

Staten Island Ferry (800x500)

Photo by me – The Staten Island Ferry – New York City – 1986.

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