Sunday, April 3, 2016 – Why you should vote. Or Read Who Else is on the Ballot. Mary Lou Brunor

Sunday, April 3, 2016 – Why you should vote. Or Read Who Else is on the Ballot. Mary Lou Brunor

A little something to discuss tomorrow – post STAAR Hangover Monday.

This is long, but if you care about what children learn and what teachers teach then keep reading and know this name – Mary Lou Brunor.

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This is for those of you who have stated “I do not like the candidates running for president so I am not going to vote.” I would ask that you reconsider especially if you teach and/or have children or grandchildren in school or pay taxes. Here are some reasons why you should exercise your right to vote.

  • It is a right given to us in our democracy.
  • Men and woman across the world have sacrificed their lives and continue to sacrifice daily to ensure our right to vote and to provide and protect this so others are able to vote.
  • When you do not vote, it is a vote of sorts and Candidate Apathy always wins.
  • Another idiot is about to leave her village and make decisions in Austin, Texas about education.

It is these other races on that ballot that should be examined and voted on. Membership on the State Board of Education is an example. One wonders how “we” as an educational institution got into this mess. Not voting is one way of how and why.

The 15-member elected State Board of Education (SBOE) sets policies and standards for Texas public schools. Its primary responsibilities include:

  • setting curriculum standards,
  • reviewing and adopting instructional materials (textbooks and other resources),
  • approving all things assessments and the testing corporations who administer the tests,
  • establishing high school graduation requirements,
  • overseeing the Texas Permanent School Fund,
  • praying and bible thumping, and
  • other duties as defined by the elected governor and the elected legislature.

As said, the SBOE’s responsibilities include all things assessment related. So please put the majority of the STAAR SNAFUS on the State Board of Education , the Texas Legislature and of course the testing company and not the Texas Education Agency.

This November there will be a ballot in East Texas, SBOE District 9. This is DEEEEP East Texas behind The Pine Curtain where dueling banjo music can still be heard in the twilight zone and rattlesnakes can be a part of a church service.

The ballot will have the presidential candidates running for election, local candidates running for local offices and candidates running for state offices. The name Mary Lou Brunor will appear as a candidate to be elected to the State Board of Education. This woman if elected will have significant say in to what the textbooks, policies and standards are used in schools across the nation. This could include public schools, charter schools, home schools, private schools and all other entities that use K-12 educational resources. The chance of her being elected to the SBOE is a distinct probability and possibility.

From her website, let me share some of her beliefs and I really wish I was making this up.

  • George W. Bush is a closet homosexual.
  • Barack Obama worked his way to pay for his drug habit as a gay prostitute.
  • Rick Perry is a closet homosexual.
  • School shootings are a result of The Ten Commandments being removed from school buildings.
  • Global warming is a “Marxist hoax.”
  • Dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth at the same time humans and Noah took dinosaurs on the ark. The dinosaurs were baby dinosaurs and did not live to reproduction age and that is why they are extinct.
  • “Islam is not a religion. Islam is an inhumane totalitarian political ideology with radical religious rules and laws and barbaric punishments for breaking the religious rules. If Islam is a religion it is a cult religion .…The USA should ban Islam and stop all immigration from Muslim countries because Islam’s stated goal is to conquer the USA and kill the infidels (nonbelievers).” From her web page.
  • Terrorists mass murderers are results of Liberals and Democrats.

If you do not vote, your county or parish could send one more of these koo koo birds to join others in making decisions about the content of what children are taught.

Just a reminder to educators in Texas, the current Chair of the SBOE has never taught in the public school system and home schooled her children. The governor appoints the chair of the SBOE. Of course he or she must be approved by the legislature.

The Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency is appointed by the governor. The current commissioner is a proponent of vouchers – known in some circles as “economic busing.” If you have the funds, you can send your child out of those schools that are not performing well, are high minority and have bad football teams. Yes, the football team transfer is true.

If you wonder how we as an educational institution got into this mess, not voting is one of the ways. Please reconsider and exercise your right to vote. Makes you miss the Gablers from Longview, doesn’t it? And we thought they were crazy.

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  2. I think the dinosaurs probably died on Noah’s ark because they were not allowed to have sex before the dinosaur wedding. And they were not allowed to have condoms either.


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