Wednesday, January 20, 2016 – Snarky Wednesday! – Otto Von B., Donald T., Hillary C., and all the rest.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 – Snarky Wednesday! – Otto Von B., Donald T., Hillary C., and all the rest.

Just when you thought it was safe to start reading Here’s What I’m Thinking. Today is for those of you who have missed The Snark. You can skip to the end for the zingers if you do not want to read the backstory.

On this day – some 365 days from now – in 2017 somebody is going to be sworn in as the POTUS and a bunch of people are just going to be swearing. Every morning after each presidential election I would write the following sentence on the chalkboard of my classroom, on the white board in my office or a stickie note on my office door. I wanted to write it early in case any of the candidates are elected and I seriously consider going to live with Miss Rolene in the islands.

God protects fools, drunks and the United States of America.

From the website:

“There is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America” is often said to be a quotation of Otto von Bismarck (1818-1898). The quotation in the form “God always helps fools, lovers and drunkards” exists in French from at least 1708. In 1849, “the special providence over the United States and little children” was attributed to Abbé Correa.

The old French proverb was credited to Bismarck in 1907. The proverb—in its many forms—is still cited. Prince Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (1 April 1815 – 30 July 1898) German aristocrat and statesman; Prime Minister of Prussia (1862 -1890), First Chancellor of Germany (1871 – 1890); he is nicknamed the Iron Chancellor and is noted for the laconicity of his statements. Misattributed This saying appears as early as 1849 in the form “the special providence over the United States and little children”, attributed to Abbé Correa. There is no good evidence that Bismarck ever repeated it.”

Here’s what I’m thinking – since everything that comes out of the presidential candidates’ mouths tends to be misquoted, I thought I would at least try to accurately attribute the quote.

The Iron Chancellor? Hmm? Historically it was a time of evolving social, economic and political change. It was a time that involved significant changes brought about by foreign wars – mostly started and/or caused by Bismark – to unify Germany. Immigrants were emigrating all over the place. (My peeps were already in the United States – from Ireland, England and France – just think if the Irish and the Catholics had not been allowed in the country.) The French even tried to build a wall to keep out the Germans. Historically in times such as these Chancellor has been translated as Dictator.

Question to Mr. Donald Trump. Allegedly 41% of your followers think the United States should bomb the city of Agra bah. Since that is the fictional town in the movie Aladdin, will the bombings be done from fictional airplanes and/ or with fictional missiles?

Did I mention I have a degree in history with emphasis in the rise of Bismark and the Age of Revolution?   Bismark was a cause of the Age of Revolutions. Draw your own conclusions.

Tx State Cemetery (800x530)

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