Tuesday, January 12, 2015 – It’s OUR Birthday! Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister and to One of My High School Classmates.

Tuesday, January 12, 2015 – It’s OUR Birthday! Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister and to One of My High School Classmates.

Happy Birthday to Sister Dale and Dear Friend, Mollie!

I know you were paying close attention to detail yesterday and immediately noticed that in yesterday’s post, Molly’s name was spelled M-O-L-LY. Today it is spelled M- O-L-L-I- E. This is because Molly/ie was way ahead of her time as she was in most things and like most young ladies in their teen years, they experimented with the changing of her name. I have yet to determine how some of my classmates and friends spell their first names. I wanted to change my name to Pdelia with a silent “P” but mother would not let me.

As I mentioned in an earlier HWIT post, Mollie and I shared birthday parties at age six and again at age 13. I think we may have had a Sweet 16, but I really do not remember and can find no photographs. Here are some photographs from the party when we were six. It is OK, Celeste to change one of your FB comments – “As I recall, you were rather spoiled” to totally spoiled. Everybody knew it (knows it?).

The Birthday Party of Delia and Mollie – January 12 or 13, 1955 – Age 6 – Magnolia, Texas – Sawmill House

Prior to the arrival of guests

That was the cutest little dress – a black velvetin top with a darling gro-grain black and white checked skirt. I refused to wear it! Obviously, notice who won that dress war. Notice the look of sheer happiness on my face. Perhaps it was the orthopedic shoes. It also appears that I just received a haircut from Barber Clark who was the barber at the sawmill.

Shoes (530x800)

image14 (800x527)

You think I am going to smile wearing this? It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.


The “best” smile I could muster.

The Party

I do not remember those little girls at the end of the table, but the one on the right does not appear to be having a good time. Is that Melanie Swann?

BD 1 (800x495)

You can bet that homemade cake had perfect 7 minute icing with a devil’s food chocolate inside. Still my favorite cake of all time. Notice the cake is already cut from one side? Who did that? Why our lovely Mollie. That is her head in the foreground.

And then my turn. I am so pissed at this point, I am surprised my mother allowed a knife in my hands. Notice Mollie’s ensemble? I am quite confident I gave my mother the best dirty look at six year old can muster –

image10 (800x542)

Miss Mae Emma let Mollie wear blue jeans and flannel shirt and you made me wear this dress! With orthopedic shoes no less!

Kristen, I have seen that same look and silly grin on your face many times.  Talk about genetics!

Sweet Memories. Dear Friends.

4 responses to “Tuesday, January 12, 2015 – It’s OUR Birthday! Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister and to One of My High School Classmates.

  1. Now that the college football season (games…..not necessarily other stuff) is over and the Tide has drowned the Tigers, should we wrap up the quiz & reveal the answers………..or are you still researching ?

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  2. Nope – the solution is the topic for Monday’s (1.18.2016) HWIT. You son of a Presbyterian minister, You! LOL! This is my birthday week, so it is all about me, dear Reader Reggie. However, Monday, Nancy Drew reveals solution to The Mystery of the Old Main Kangaroo.


  3. principaljudy@gmail.com

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend! Hope you get a whole cake just for you!!! 🍰 Love the pics! My mother used to cut my hair just like yours!

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! And to you tomorrow. Twelve years and 31 minutes after MY birthday. You would have been born on my birthday if you had not decided to come out “BUT” first….and that took longer. Ha Ha!!!
    Cecil Groves came and got me out of school and ask me what I wanted ….a little brother or a little sister. I told him not to ask that….,just tell me what I got. And I’m so glad I “got” you. Have a great day tomorrow and I wish you many more birthdays. Lots of Love, Your favorite sister.


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