Wednesday, January 13, 2016 – January 13, 1949 – 12:31 AM – I am born.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 – January 13, 1949 – 12:31 AM – “I am born.”

Actually that is the opening line of Chapter One of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens novel. I liked these guys from England much better than Dickens.

On which album is the song Birthday? Here is a hint: It is one of these.

The Beatles (600x800)

Here is me on the horse. Ask almost any Baby Boomer about getting their picture made on the horse.

Horse (570x800)

Early Miss Magnolia Picture

image5 (494x800)

Notice the left orthopedic shoe – I hope it is on the edge of the magnolia tree. Otherwise, the shoe is not working and did not do its job which explains a lot doesn’t Krystal?

My favorite sister playing jacks with me. My other playmate was the TV in the background.

image5 (800x584)

I am off to school – second grade.

image8 (586x800)

Mrs. Evelyn Shannon’s class. Also THE only second grade class at Magnolia Elementary. We would move from the sawmill that spring.

image15 (562x800)

Patsy Cline with a basketball.

HB and Mama bought the house next to the school from Guinn and Lena Sanders. Yes, it was the house with the “little steps” over the fence.

50 years later I would ride this instead of a horse – not that I spent a great deal of time on a horse, but I do have some pictures as proof. The first bike was my Harley-Davidson, 883 Sportster with Van and Hines pipes for safety. Of course the additional extra loud HD sound was pretty cool too.

Bikes (800x530)

I like tell people for my 50th birthday I got a motorcycle and a tattoo, only one of which I still have. I swear, if you ask which one, I will unfriend you.

At The Zilker Kite Festival in Austin, Texas. Me intimidating a small child. Hey, I rode a Harley! I ain’t backing away from no little kid.

Zilker Kite Festival 13 2013-03-03 108 (800x530)

Photo by Karen Mathews

“Birthday” is a song written by John Lennon–Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles on their 1968 double album …The Beatles …..commonly known as “The White Album.”

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