Monday, January 11, 2011 – The SECond Week of January or Happy Birthday to Us All! And Roll Tide.

Monday, January 11, 2011 – The SECond Week of January or Happy Birthday to Us All! And Roll Tide.

Please note: Today’s post continues the birthday wishes from last week including, but not limited to, The Lovely Carol Townsend, The Oracle of the Elvi – Elvis Presley, one of my many alter egos – Diane Keaton and the great Joan Baez – no introduction needed unless you are in your 30’s, then Google or go ask your parents. Please do not confuse my many alter egos with my multiple personalities.

This week and each day this week, there is a special birthday memory from me to you.

Sunday – January 10 – To Pat George: Deer Pat. This here be yore gud fren from long time ago, Odie Lou, wishing you a Happi Berthday!

Sunday – January 10

To: RL

From: DrD

Re: Birthdays: January 10 and 13, 2016

Attn: Needed by COB or on State Standard Time

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend. I still do not understand why we could not get our state agency ID cards with one photo of both of us in the same frame. Separate ID cards, but with one photo with the two of us would have saved the state money and tax payers too. But that was too logical. It wasn’t like people could not tell us apart – especially during your beard years. But it was still fun to argue with the people responsible for the state ID cards – renewal the week of your birthday.

Monday – January 11 – Anybody born today who is saying Roll Tide.

Tuesday – January 12 – Happy Birthday to my favorite sister, Dale Marie. Love you. Have fun in Padre. It might be a bit chilly for your string bikini. I would go with the indoors, a fire and a good book. Love this photo of you and your Cabbage Patch doll. OMG – that is me! And you are about to drop me! Well, that explains a lot doesn’t it?  “I am not crazy. My mother had me tested.” (Dr. Sheldon Cooper)

Cabbage Patch sister

Tuesday, January 12 – Happy Birthday my childhood gone too soon friend Molly Harper Fowler

me molly - Copy (698x699)

Delia Duffey and Molly Harper – their 13th birthday party @ Magnolia Community Center

and then …

Wednesday, January 13 – To ME! And to two of the dearest friends a person could have been blessed with in their life and that I am blessed to share the anniversary of our births. Carolyn Sue and Nova T. What is even better is that they are both older than I am! LMAO!

Sidebar: Carolyn Sue – Is it true that you and one of your friends ran past security back stage at a concert chasing Kris Kristofferson only to run into his then wife, Rita Coolidge and her security? It’s a wonder we, I mean you and your friend, were not arrested.

Sidebar: Nova – I promise I will ask the next person who comes through the door at the bar to dance, BEFORE the song ends, but they must have a full set of teeth, or at least all of the front ones on the top and the bottom.

Wednesday, January 14 – Larry Martinez – Memory from Mrs. Mock’s 5th Grade Class, Magnolia Elementary School – On the first day of each month students with birthdays that month went to the blackboard (that is what it was called then) and wrote the dates of their birthday. Molly, Larry and I were the January birthdays.

Thursday, January 15 – Lloyd Bridges, father of Jeff and Beau and stared in Airplane and the 1960’s TV series Sea Hunt. I really did not nor do not have any memories of Lloyd Bridges, or his sons but I did watch Sea Hunt as a child and saw the movie Airplane.

Friday, January 16 – George Edward Pickett, Brigadier General, Confederate States of America. Led a charge during the Battle of Gettysburg. It really did not turn out too well. I did not know him either, but I did read the book Killer Angels about The Battle of Gettysburg and the infamous charge, historically known as Pickett’s Charge. Plus – it is Snarky Friday. Life lessons: Do not always charge down the middle dividing your forces into two parts. Nevertheless, live life as though you are leading a cavalry charge!

Anyway, if it is your birthday today, then I hope it is happy and Roll Tide.

One response to “Monday, January 11, 2011 – The SECond Week of January or Happy Birthday to Us All! And Roll Tide.

  1. This was a great read on your birthday! Too funny! And my, you and Molly rock with a 13th birthday party at the community center!! Love the picture. Happy Birthday! Today is a special day because of your birth! 🎂🎁


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