Wednesday, December 16, 2015 – Then and Now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 – Then and Now. 1983 and 2015

Who watched the Republican Debate last night? The Democratic candidates debate this Saturday. See that is that liberal media programming the Democrats opposite the start of the college football bowl games. And on a weekend just before Christmas or ___________________(Fill in your holiday).

Buddy Glasses

Here is my Christmas Cheer for all of you potential POTUSES.

“You are not going to win

Against E – S – P – N!!

Even if you are on C – N – N!

Go Team Fight!

I found this photograph in “my papers” for my biographers. Of course my papers consist of multiple cardboard boxes filled with unorganized papers and pictures. I am going through the boxes prior to my biographers putting them in the Goodwill Store, or more probable, the trash or shredder.

image14 - Copy - Copy - Copy (587x800)

I took this photo of a man holding a protest sign on the steps of the United States Supreme Court Building. It was taken on my first trip to Washington D. C. Read the sign carefully. What were some of the issues then?

Here is what I find interesting. The year was 1983. That is correct – 1983. Throw in immigration issues of that day and fast forward to the present. Let’s see – Oh my! Why the issues are quite similar. Add foreign wars. Throw in a radical religious terrorist attack in Iraq – then referred to as “the hostage situation” And then add “emerging technology” and the world was on the cutting edge of gigantic leaps of cultural change in a forever changing world. The immigrants of that decade were Vietnamese and other Asian and Far Eastern countries escaping tyrannical rule.

Your assignment – pick a decade in United States/world history when these events and issues were NOT the issues of the day.

The more things change; the more they stay the same.

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