Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PETA reportedly announced that coyotes along Texas running trails are currently safe from the governor running and carrying a concealed handgun.This is due to the law that states, individuals under indictment may not hold a concealed handgun’s license. However, coyotes should watch for the governor running and carrying a hunting rifle, since this is allowed by law. Remember when Dorothy pulled the curtain away to reveal that the Great and Powerful Oz was only an illusion and done with smoke and mirrors? If one pulls back the curtain on Captain Hairspray, one finds the spinmeisters spinning faster than a cycling class on Saturday morning. One sees there is way more to this than just wanting to get rid of a county official and playing political hardball. Side Irony Bar: Team Perry is playing hardball politics like a Washington insider.


Ten Facts About #Briberygate and the Cancer Research Center Scandal

1. Taxpayer money for cancer research was funneled to Abbott and Perry campaign donors.
2. Abbott was appointed watchdog for the cancer research center…then skipped every meeting.
3. Scientists resigned in protest due to questionable cancer research grant awards.
4. The Public Integrity Unit investigated a criminal complaint that led to a felony indictment.
5. Abbott allegedly attempted to investigate the wrongdoing he was supposed to prevent.
6. Rick Perry threatened to veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit – which was the office investigating the donors receiving cancer grants.
7. Now a grand jury is investigating a criminal complaint against Perry alleging bribery and coercion of a public official.
8. After the vote, the Governor’s associates extended offers in exchange for the resignation of the DA investigating Perry and Abbott donors.
9. Perry hired a $450/hour criminal defense attorney – and you’re paying for it.
10. Wendy Davis is fighting back against Perry and Abbott’s betrayal.

As a recovering bureaucrat whose signature was on thousands of grants, the following rule is ebbed on your eyelids and tattooed on your forearms: You do not have to defend the results; you have to defend the process.

One response to “Wednesday, August 20, 2014

  1. This is a lot to chew on. Captain Hairspray (love this) may be buying Suave instead of taxpayer bought hairspray from Sephora very soon! What a goober!!


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