Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

One week from today we are all headed to Columbia, South Carolina to watch The Dog and The Chicken. OK – Reveille and Cocky. I have been cleaning the floors this morning.  The floors throughout the house are stone and government beige. Therefore when the floors begin to show patterns I know it is time to clean. I like to do the Cinderella thing on the floor of the kitchen. This means getting on my knees with a bucket and sponge. This is because I want to ensure that the patterns and spots of dirt, coffee stains and grime do not create a face of someone famous and that I inadvertently mop it away.  I think if I got a spot of dirt that looked like Mother Teresa, Jesus, Mary or Willie Nelson, I could call it a shrine and people would come to the shrine and I could charge admission.  I would probably have a better chance of a shrine if the dirt pattern resembled Reveille.  So such luck today. But the floors are spotless!

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