Wednesday, August 19, 2014

Wednesday, August 19, 2014

Match the following word with its correct definition. 1. Erotica, 2. Eureka, 3. Errata and 4. Eroica.

  1. A symphony by Beethoven, B. 50 Shades of Gray, C. Errata – a listing of mistakes or errors in writing and D. I found it.

If you said 3, Errata as C – a listing of mistakes or errors in writing, you pass the test and can pass to the next grade or graduate from high school. So today is errata day. I noticed, because there are still so many bags on the shelf, that the new Lay’s Potato Chip flavor is Wasabi Ginger. Not Wasabi Vinegar as I once thought. Personally, I think Wasabi Ginger makes a nice name for a stripper and I am seriously considering it. The other major errata concerns Mr. Mercer of “I’m gonna whip your ass” fame.  In the entry where I was going to whip some golf course’s ass, I listed the man’s name as Lee Roy Mercer. Two people said, “You mean Roy D. Mercer, right?” Actually, both of us are correct. From the all-knowing Wikipedia:

Brent Douglas and Phil Stone, disc jockeys on KMOD-FM, a rock radio station, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, created the Roy D. Mercer character in 1993.

Many claim that Roy D. Mercer was inspired by “Leroy Mercer,” a character created in Tennessee by John Bean, who made prank calls circulated by hand-to-hand tape exchange in the early 1980s. Leroy Mercer, voiced by John Bean, also called individuals and businesses threatening an “ass-whuppin.” Douglas and Stone claimed the name is coincidental.  Roy D. Mercer uses some of the lines from Leroy Mercer.  Well, mercy me.

Answer Key – 4A. 3C. 1B. and 2D.

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